Zero grow knowledge help!

Hello everyone I was given two plants, I have zero info about them, and I know nothing about growing them or taking care of them. I need some coaching

, all I have done is put them into bigger pots and watered them, and added some grow mix. I need info on everything I need to do please and thank you.

Dont do anything till they recover. What lights are you using and dont add any nutrients for like 2 weeks water in like 5 days.

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I don’t have any lights what you see is what I have lol I have no idea in the world of what they need

Download the free grow bible , that should get u started and then look through this forum at old Post’s , there’s a lot of good information…


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Where do you live? Because unless you’re in a tropical climate, those things ain’t gonna make it! :wink:

Seriously, pot plants aren’t like regular house plants, they need special lighting, unless you can put them outdoors in climates above 50 degrees F.

If you want to salvage these babies, I’d strongly recommend a minimum $30 investment in something like this ASAP!!

In the mean time, run out and grab as many 6500K (or 2700K if you can’t find those, NOTHING ELSE!!) CFLs and get at least 50W on them as fast as you can, 24/7! And by 50W, I mean “true” watts. You’ll buy 60W “equivalent” CFL bulbs, but when you inspect the bulbs carefully, you’ll see they’re only actually about 13 or 14 “true” watts, and THAT’s what you count.

Keep us updated, this forum can walk you through this. :wink:

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OK good info, so…definetly No more nutes, when watering keep it minimal for now, think MLiters not cups, get the soil wet and use a spray bottle for misting 3 times a day, they Need Light and warm temps, try to get a ph kit $8, and check your water you want it around 6,5, They are in stress now from minor neglect but definetly save able, get some lights on em !!
Also go to the "Guides section " on the top of this page, it will give you Tons of info

Welcome to the forum. I’m sure you’ll find all you need with this community.

I have @garrigan62 to thank for those links.

That last link will take you to a bunch of information in one topic as well.

I know it’s a lot of reading and information to take in. It’s really worth the investment to take the time, if you want to succeed. :wink:

There are many great people here wanting to help you to a good harvest. Take a breath. Burn a bowl and welcome to the show…


Really welcome to the show is right. Go to a local nursery and see if they carry Ocean Forest soil the best I found so far. Get some of Roberts fertilizer kit 600W HPS ( high pressure sodium) lamp with fixture, timer, a small grow tent or if you’re strapped for cash, black out curtains and a small shelf. If you want these babies to reach maturity, I highly recommend it. Maintain between 75 to 80F and humidity level above 30%. This can be accomplished with an exhaust 440 cfm fan and 6 inch ductwork to keep the heat away from your grow area . Try grow good luck!