Zepman just got his girls


I just received my 20 WW auto. Took six days amazing, great service, thanks all. Plan to do container grow in 7 gal. Using Happy Frog potting soil. Should I germinate in containers or smaller starter medium


For autos, indoors you only need 3 gal pots and you can use 5-7 gal for outdoors.
Congrats on the new beans!!!


What @MattyBear said!

It would be best to germinate the seeds before planting and probably into a small pot like a solo cup to reduce the chance of over watering. Then go into 3 gallon for their forever home once they’re rooted.


be careful,auto’s don’t like to be transplanted from what i hear but a lot of ppl do it anyway with great results. happy growing my friend :+1:


Woohoo @Zepman55
The ww is some good smoke :+1:
With autos 3 gal pots are perfect indoors
You can start in solo cuos ans transplant later
You can use bigger pots but its not needed
I actually usw two gallon pots and my autos will get to be 4 foot tall
Save the soil bro


I start my autos in rapid rooters once roots show they go into their forever home. Then for a week or so I only water a circle around the plant Mabry a 4 inch circle. Then they get watered every 3 days


You can not go wrong with Robert’s suggestions on germination
But a soak in water for 24 hrs and straight to the dirt
Some wait till they see a lil “tail” coming out then they go to the dirt
Some soak for a day then wet a paper towel fold the seed in the paper towel put in a ziplock bag for a couple days or till a root shows
I went straight to dirt this time no presoak and all of them sprouted great


I got 20 of these babies coming too
Gonna be my greenhouse cold weather grow


Thanks CB, however I have land and unable to grow indoor do to visitors that do not share the same value on the benefits of Mother Nature. With that in mind 3 or 5 for outdoor which I can conceal


Go with 5 gal @Zepman55


The long soak

5 WW autos


5 gallons outside is perfect I’m onboard can’t wait to watch


@Growit Thank-you! Who ray 4 dirt!


I put the beans in the dirt this morning. A little concerned as none of the 5 showed any sign of sprouting. I have 2 75w cfl approximately 12" away and will be on 24/7


:thinking:The soak was for 24 hrs and then on a damp paper towel for 12 hrs. Reduce lighting to one lamp and raised 6" look to be drying out


They do look a little dry I just use a $.99 cent sprayer 2/3 time a day


Thanks, sprayed twice yesterday after the beans were potted just got up and sprayed this morning


remember the happy medium @Zepman55, you want to stay in goldielocks zone…
not to wet,not to dry,just right!


Thanks Bige, I give them about 5 squirts of mist.