ZenMaries 1st grow round

Of course. (And I’m already following you there) :upside_down_face:


I would love to hear the process as well!

Just finished it:


Ok y’all. So I have now ordered the Apera Ph meter and the AC 6in. inline fan. How many of the computer fans do y’all suggest I put in here, and do y’all have a certain brand you suggest?


I have some of each. I use the computer fan sized ones for young ones and use 6" fans for bigger plants.
I am sure others will provide more insight.


@ZenMarie Just a thought. I have a clone king as well. I use tribus in mine. Before you try the clonex. I would try and see if you can find more info on it. I am just saying that because clonex is really thick. And if it doesn’t dissolve, or dissolve good. It may end up clogging your jets.
@Newt is right. Cloning with out the machine is easy. I have never had any start as fast as with the cloner my self. This is a 10 day old clone here


I am reading review after review of cloners and scouring the forum and internet. I’ll face it growers I am failing at water or soil cloning and looking for something else. I follow suggestions to the letter and although some start growing, but most fail to survive and if they do, they are runts. Any and all suggestions accepted I just don’t want to go down another path of failure. You can hit me up here Bunny Jane’s 2022ish Grows - Show Your Grow / Grow Journals - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum by Robert Bergman


I only use the liquid Clonex in my Clone King, not the Clonex Gel. I have amazing results with it. There is some stuff called drops of balance that I would love to try, but I am getting great results with the liquid so I am just sticking with it for now.

@JaneQP I did quite a bit of searching as well when I was looking for a cloning machine and Clone King is the one I found to be most consistently highly rated.


@ZenMarie I have the gel. I have had it for so long. I forgot they may have ha a more liquid form. :grin:
I am headed to @JaneQP s now

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Same here, I use the Clone King 25 with Clonex Cloning Solution (liquid) and Clear Rez (sterile method) and all my cuttings root 100% success every time, cloning does not get any easier that than, no spraying, no domes, no daily checks.

Have some cuttings in it right now


Sweet! I figured it would work like a charm. Can’t wait to try it out myself. Where did you get the collars like that??

@Not2SureYet I just got done watching a video where they were using it for props. They were dipping the end of the stem in the Clonex gel and putting them into a cube. Made me wanna buy some gel too.


I did a video for a friend for normal cloning. I don’t have one for the cloner. The collars come with the cloner. But here is a link to different sized ones.



@ZenMarie thank you for the tag well damn I have a lot of reading to do on your journal already haha good luck on your grow. I will be watching for sure


Those are Permaclone collars, can check them out at permaclone dot com, much better quality than the collars the machines come with and they resist having roots grow into them as happens with cheaper collars and trying to separate them can be a mess. I used to treat collars as disposable and just toss them after each session til I got the permaclone collars. Easy to sterilize and reuse, can even microwave them.


@Hellraiser thanks for letting me know. I knew they didn’t look anything like the collars that came with mine. I am gonna check them out bc they do look better than the ones that come with them.
@Indo_817 woo-hoo, thanks for joining, glad you’re here!


Wow you got some great people here now 4 sure alot knowledge dropped here. I have a few more strains 2 try out before I decide to clone anything.


Alright y’all. I have some last minute shopping questions.

  1. Really need some advice/recommendations on the small fans for the tent. I saw that some people are using tower fans? Anyone have experience/reviews with those?

  2. What is everyone using to take pics of their trichomes?? At this point I don’t even care if it’s really a “necessity” I just wanna see those beautiful trichs. Love seeing them :heart_eyes:

  3. Do I need to buy a lux meter? If so what brands are best?

  4. Do I need to buy ph up and ph down? I’m normally more of an organic grower, but I wanna get several grows under my belt before all that.

I hope yall are having a wonderful weekend!! Thanks for yalls help. Everything should be in this coming week and I’m super stoked!

  1. Photone app. @Nicky has a write-up on DLI. I gave him a tag so he will pop in and give you the link. (Thx Nicky)

  2. pH down. I use a pinch of citric acid from the grocery aisle. pH up. Believe it or not a drop or more of a silicon solution. I was using baking soda but hate adding Sodium to the soil.


I use a cheap Amazon Basics desk fan - I just zip tie them up to the tent poles. Or leave them on the floor.

An Apexel macro lens clip on from Amazon and my cellphone.

Nope. Download an app called Photone. Measure the light using the “daylight” or “sunlight” setting. You don’t need to buy any spectrums.

I highly recommend it.


I know you’re excited!!
I have a light on order that supposed to be delivered Monday but UPS hasn’t updated tracking in days so I’m getting worried!!! LOL!

I got the cheap $10 or $12 6" clip on from Walnutz. I got 3D printed pole mounts on Etsy but @CoyoteCody here on the site has some in the classified section and ebay.
I have 2 in each tent.

I have a couple of different trich pic tools. i have a clip on lens set and a USB microscope that hooks to the phone. It gets the best shots but really needs to be mounted to a tripod or something to keep it steady.
EDIT: The microscopes are cheap on Amazon.

The DLI thread - it’ll explain the apps too!

Yeah, weed is pretty finicky about her Ph. It’s best to be in the proper range whenever anything goes in the pot.
Start with the small bottles as if you’re planning on using the same type of water through the entire grow you’ll find that you tend to use one more than the other.
When I mix any nute solution I’m gonna have to bring it up. I use a lot of Ph Up but very little Ph down. Usually when I screw up and get a little pipette happy! LOL!

Hope everything finds it’s way to you quickly and securely!!