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Who is your favorite grow/weed video maker?

I love Marijuana Man. If you’re not familiar, I don’t even know how to describe… it’s not about growing and he’s definitely not for everyone. Somewhat Beavis & Butthead feel. You’ll either find him hilarious or you’ll hate him. He goes live almost every day. I’m not that faithful a follower, but if I’m in the mood to laugh…

I haven’t found a favorite “instructor”, but I do watch a lot of grow vids.


Doug Benson from the podcast ‘Getting Doug with High’.


I’d say I’m my favorite


Haha I totally agree @Wishingilivedina420state

I would like to change my answer! :rofl:


Type in (grand master level) on youtube… that guy has alot of good info and straight to the point… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


@bluntley420 let me clarify that I don’t have a utube channel, but I hav been making my own videos for myself as a grow journal. And It’s kinda fun to do it this way as well. But if my state as legal then I would try to start a channel.


Check out mendo dope on utube you’ll be blown away by them young cats
Also chef Derek Butts is a good guy to follow
As well as the aquaponics web cast by potent ponics
I’m with you @Wishingilivedina420state
I won’t do videos on utube for same reason nonfriendly state :-1:


I’m seriously considering moving to a legal state. I’m so tired of this shit. Tired of being beholden to big pharma and the danger of getting caught growing or buying. My wife and I both have chronic pain issues, complete with surgeries, years of physical therapy and massages, nerve spasms, sciatica, spinal fusion, it goes on and on. I will not take rx narcotics. I can’t. Not on an ongoing basis. It killed my sister and I just won’t do it unless it’s the worst kind of excruciating. Instead I either smoke or live in a constant state of pain that would make most people cry. Screw big pharma and screw our govt for allowing it.


Sorry for the rant


No worries about the rant I think a few of us have done the same
And good call on the pills and sorry to hear about your sister that sucks
I used to take the OxyContin for my pain issues it’s just :poop:
There are many of us here that have chronic pain issues and that why we do what we do
If inch assist in any way tag me @muffybunny