Your Worst Cannabis Growing Disasters

Good grief @MrPeat!! It’s awesome that you were able to get a decent yield off a plant that started its life in a small metal bucket!! Lol.
It’s amazing what can be done with determination, know how, and that unstoppable urge to pull a worthwhile yield off every plant!! Mad respect and nice save!!

The worst disaster I ever had was about a year before I went legal. I was renting a pretty decent sized space with 4 different rooms. One room was specifically reserved for the breeding program that I was trying to start. It was on the other side of my space and I had it specially constructed so that room had a closed circulation system. I mean, I took every precaution possible. (Or so I thought.)
So anyways, I HAD to leave town for a few days for a funeral and I left an employee whom I trusted and had worked for me for 2 years in charge. They knew the damned drill.
So whatever, I came back and everything seemed straight until a few weeks later. I’m going room to room doing plant audits and I notice a seed on one of my flowering plants. I look closer and I can see the plant is loaded with developing seeds. So I check the next plant and it’s the same. Then the next and the next and the next and so on. My ENTIRE room, 400 square feet of flowering plants are loaded with seeds.
So I check the next room and it’s the same shit. Like, 80% of my plants had seeds developing.
Then a few weeks after that after I flipped the room that was vegging to flower, started seeing seeds on THOSE as well. I lost 3 massive harvests, 1200 total square feet of plants gone.
The guy I had watching the grow while I was away got curious about what was going on in the breeding room and decided to check it out “real quick” and thought that if he just washed his hands and wore a hat that it’d be fine.
And another time there was a horrible storm that knocked power out for a week and I lost everything again. My clones, my vegging plants, my flowering plants, and even bud that was drying in my climate controlled rooms ended up not drying correctly.
I remember just sitting on the floor surrounded by wilted, shriveled plants crying my absolute tits off. Lol.


You know: if you are gonna screw the pooch it ought to be epic lol.

All of my screwups are not memorable.


As we say on the skeet field: ‘You have never shot your worst score’.


@Myfriendis410 : yup. Absolutely. Fail big or go home.
I mean, I def didn’t see the value in those catastrophes at the time, (I just wanted to die) but ultimately I learned BIG lessons each time. It taught me that I was NOT ready or equipped for a breeding program at that time. And once I was ready I designed a MUCH more secure room and specific protocols for entry.
After the power outage issue I had a freaking industrial generator hardwired to the building. Lol. No games.
Plus, heavy losses like that help me feel like I’ve earned my stripes or paid my dues and it helps me keep minor errors in perspective. It keeps me REAL humble.


By the way …
Happy birthday day …:wink: @the2409labs
One thing that completely scared the crap out of me , was when I bought some cheaper equipment for a propane co2 generator…
Key word (cheaper) …
Long story short , got everything hooked up , ran it for 3 hours monitoring it every 20 minutes or so… no issues…swweeeeeetttt …:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:
Thought I saved some money…:grin::rofl:
Walked in a few weeks later after I’d been using it every day all this time and … :exploding_head::flushed::grimacing::cry::fire::fire::fire:
The unit was completely on fire , it was just one big 2’ fireball…
I instantly turned the propane off and luckily because I built everything to be virtually fire proof , nothing caught on fire…:neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::smirk:
I imagine I must have just walked in 2 minutes after it started…:thinking::grimacing::flushed:
Never again do I jump over a dollar to pick up a penny…:wink::+1:
I highly recommend this to anybody that grows indoors…

I have a crap load of stories to tell , good and bad…
But I think that one scared me the most and it also taught me not to be such a cheap skate …:smirk::upside_down_face::exploding_head:
Some things can’t be side stepped… :wink::+1:


My first 5 grows. Utter, utter disasters. I don’t even count them as real grows, tbh.

My worst was the first grow I ever posted about on this forum. I probably could have salvaged it, but I trashed 6 plants after 8 weeks of careful nurturing. That was my last “bad” grow. I have learned so much since then, and learn more everyday.

My original username was “blizzybetty”. I changed it after this post:


Back in the early two thousands, you didn’t have the internet to teach you anything. Me and a buddy did a hydroponic grow, knew that we had to flip to 12/12 lighting, did that, then harvested three weeks later.

Spent a long time pondering what went wrong there


I’ve had a few disasters.

This though, was the worst, and could’ve been much much worse.

The fan caught fire, lit a synthetic privacy screen on fire, ignited the deck floor burning holes through it, and dripping flaming lava/plastic onto the deck below, (from my neighbor who saw it at 4am).

I’ve got more pics, but I get anxious just looking at them.


I am only on my sixth indoor grow so other than that PH thing, and bumping my head on the lights and scrog I have been lucky! Outdoors is another matter, cows, deer, groundhog, drought, storms, too wet, and thieves among others and still here I am. Damn @Drinkslinger, I was already scared of a box fan cause I have seen them throw fireballs out and bounce across the floor, That was a close call man,glad your neighbor caught that for you. Ya`ll be safe!


He saw it. Watched it blaze for 20 minutes, then snuff itself out. He said, “I was going to call the fire dept. but knew you were growing up there. I waited, and just as I was about to call, it went out”.

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@Drinkslinger You seriously got lucky and glads the building didn’t go down in flames. I lived in a apartment and this doesn’t relate to growing marijuana.

A couple on the .3rd floor thought grilling with charcoal was a good idea on the wood floor for the fire escape hatch. They started it on fire and luckily only the wood floor went up in flames. They kicked the charcoal grill down to the ground.

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To see that gives me chill bumps, I agree @Drinkslinger. Could have been much worse. Did you figure out why the fan caught on fire?

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Interesting story @the2409labs I see you have bounced back with a good attitude. Backup generator always good plan. My disasters seem to be about Harvest Time someone else would usually Harvest it for me. I would do the work they would enjoy the benefits. As you get older you get wiser I have gone Underground.( Basement) good luck moving forward.

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@kellydans oddly enough, aside from the power outage loss, I’ve never had any harvest issues. I always had a pretty balls to the wall security program. Few years before I went legal, like before they had really good security systems that you could set up on your own, or not have to bring ADT out to install, I had a guy or two sitting for round the clock security at my locations. (my underground “less than legal” operation was pretty big back then. lol. so stupid.) so security wasn’t an issue but I do also remember having CRAZY power issues. I was using SO much power and was constantly blowing fuses. I remember sitting in front of my circuit board, knowing NOTHING about electricity, with my dad’s old This Old House Electricity hardcover book trying to figure out how to keep everything running with the electricity I had available. lol.
Oh my god. That shit back then was like the wild west.


Just curious @the2409labs how many employees does it take to run a operation that big all year. I know it has to be very labor-intensive to trim an cure that many plants.

Well, in the lab where I work on new growing techniques and test various nutrient programs and also where I propagate it’s me and one assistant.
I have two “veg specialists” that monitor the veg phase and we have 4 “flower specialists.” My fiance manages and coordinates the veg and flower rooms and workers and I get called in for any issues, sick plants, mildew (rarely) and any other diagnostics. My nicknames are “Sick Girl” and “Dr. Magic.” I’m not a PhD yet, but I do have a special knack for fixing very sick plants.
Now, here’s where my old school upbringing kicks in. I don’t like nugs from the bud trimming machines. It’s just a weird, quirky pet peeve of mine due to my obsessive nature. I love beautifully hand trimmed buds that were handled by an experienced and detailed trimmer. It’s part of the presentation. So, I have 6 of the most wonderful trimmers that I have ever had the honor to know. They’re very skilled and very fast.
I also have an in house electrical technician and an offsite security team 24/7/365. So in terms of a commercial grow, we have a modest, humble setup but at least for now I’m not interested in expanding because I don’t want to lose the personal touch. I believe that cannabis should be nurtured and loved by people with eyes and hands and minds. I really can’t imagine ever having a program where my plants are managed by machines and scanners and conveyor belts. I’d rather invest in people than machines.


I’m with you, I like to hand trim I actually enjoy it. Sounds like you have a good staff.

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@kellydans absolutely. Hand trimming is calming and it’s also when I get to inspect each inch of the plant that I nurtured for a short while. It’s kind of my spiritual goodbye and thanks to such a beautiful and special plant before she’s off to brighten someone’s day or ease someone’s pain, help someone sleep, calm someone down, help someone focus and put in 100% into something, support someone experiencing PTSD, or any of the million reasons and purposes people may consume my plants.
It’s an honor that I don’t take lightly at all. When I first started, it was 100% for money. It was my hail mary but as I got better and more experienced and got to know this plant, this culture, this industry these people, it became an ingrained part of my soul and a driving force in my life. It’s how I contribute to my community and how I feel I can leave my stamp on Earth in a positive, giving way as opposed to bumbling along this life, taking, taking, taking without contributing anything back to the planet and the people who live here.
Each little bud has a purpose and goes to someone specific and hopefully makes a positive impact on their life or their day. That’s heavy shit. And it’s why I keep my grows intimate and sacred.
Not to be corny, but from the very bottom of my soul I LOVE growing cannabis. There is nothing on this Earth that I would rather do. Cannabis has saved my life and my family’s lives in more ways than I can count and therefore I feel I owe each plant that debt of gratitude by caring for and nurturing each plant as if she were the only plant I have.
So, there’s my emotional, pot-head shpeal for the day. Hahahahaha!! :joy:


I agree @the2409labs I look forward to taking care of my plants. I have had a lot of hobbies in my life but growing is by far the most enjoyable. I grow for my own use And it also takes care of the needs of my family . An we know what we are consuming.


I remember my first indoor hydro set up. A very crude ebb and flow using what info you could glean from high times (for the youngsters it was like a website printed on paper once a month) before YouTube. Several weeks in, going ok, my dogs got in the room and totally completely destroyed the plants. So I yanked everything. Still had the lights and everything set up with no plants. The next day the alarm went off when I wasn’t home. When I got home there were several cops in the house just looking around. So we’re standing there with the police looking at my grow room and me sweating bullets. They left and didn’t say a word. I remember staying up late just waiting for the door to get kicked in. They never came. To this day I don’t think the rookie cop had a clue what he was looking at.

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