Your thoughts, "Does autoflower benefit from a dark period during flower

Do you think an autoflower benefits from a dark period each day?

I personally believe that they do. I like 18/6 but have also done 20/4.

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I think it is supposed to help them stretch trying find light And being taller gives you a better yield is what I think I have seen on here

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I had them on 24 hours then i started having them turn iff in the hottest part of the day for 6 hours… Then it cooled off outsidee so i started back 24 hours. The plants arr so small and it was not long between switchin light schedule so i really didnt notice a difference . I guess it would help save some life on the lights if i had them go off twice a day for 3 hours each time. Tring to get them to amber cuz they dont have time to get bigger and they are sickly aggravating til Biatches lol But they smell sensational for realz

I personally think plants need time to rest I notice before they go to sleep and then the next day when they wake up it seems like they grow the majority of the time in the dark not sure if that’s true but it sure does seem that way and I’m talking about photo period plants not autos… Just my 2 cents…lol



If you take some pics the guy’s on here have mad skills when it comes to diagnosis on sickly plants . Mine were starting to get puny and they talked me through the process of getting them back on track . Just fill out a support ticket and take a couple of pics so they can tell what is going into your grow and they will be able to get the girls back on track.


I guy on another site runs his 6 on 2 off
There is a study where they stated the plants showed less stress
accordinbg to the study before this one plants only used 4-6 hours of light making 6/2 plants grow faster and bigger
I have not tried it never grown an auto but will give it a go when I make my next order
I used it on my tomatoes and they didn’t ripen
But when I switch back to 18/6 they all ripened at once good trick if you need them ripe all at once


Do you have a grow going that you post on here?

No I have not posted my current grow they are in veg very boring
But I guess that isnt what you are really asking

Its not fully legal here so I keep pics of that plant to a minimum

No i was asking because you have helped me out and your good with lighting so i got curious about your set up and results but i understand your wanting to be safe. Way to be strong.

If they in flower put them on 10/14 and let them finish , believe it works wonders for trichomes production to extend your dark period . Intense light reduces your trichomes and the plant reproduces them during dark period , so the longer your dark period , the more production of trichomes and that’s what you want that icky super sticky .

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oh ok I wasnt sure what you were asking
I will be building a grow room in a shed over summer but atm I have tents and a fridge and a metal locker I built for a mate, I am teaching him using it atm he is ether killing them with love, defoliating them for smoke or super charging them with 50/50 mix nutes and water lol he killed skunk no6 in autopots once
His words after killing his plants were “I was getting sick of how slow they were growing so I added more grow”
Never seen plants die in one hit before they really fell over
I dont use much my self I just need a break from the pills some times and not smoking for 15 plus years I dont need much and get more entertainment out of growing and helping others grow theirs.
I have always grown my own veggies and fruit and always have too much, Most of the locals know there is a box at my gate with free fruit and veg in it.
I am atempting a scrog grow atm
This is a pic from my last white widow grow


That’s a beauty , I have a few pics of my autos I think , Amnesia Haze and a Blue Berry auto , but my last Kush plant was magnificent , she put out big time almost 36 ounces but I veg for almost 6 months outside training her before I flower her inside under a scrog .


I started using the 4/2 light cycle in my veg tent, we’ll see how it works :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

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Great to know. Thanks for the info.

all MJ plants gain a benefit of resting during the dark cycle … so yes and ive found it produces less stress induced morphing . Hammer


Great hammer. I like your answer and have the same thought. Thanks mate

At night most plants release starches and waste products at night from there roots to promote the growth of beneficial fungi and Bactria to help with food and breaking down and converting of the waste products back into some thing they can reuse. They can do it under light too but it dosnt work as well to much evaporation would near stop it happening.
I dont think its wise to not have some sort of down time for a plant
I know when I move a plant from the 24 hour area (top of the fridge) to the 18/6 (bottom door)
they always seem to have a growth spurt in the first 24-48 hours


Nice i wish my white widow turned out that good ,mine looked more like black widow . I think it got cancer and died on me before it really finished.
Ya when i was 14 years old i killed a seedling by dumping a spoonful of miracle grow on it not even mixed with water lol i obviously didnt read directions back then .
Nice idea with the veggies at the gate, your a helpful fella like me , HIGH FIVE MY BRUTHA :+1: