Your opinion needed to judge the trichomes colors please!


I wanted to get the opinion of fellow growers! See below I took photos of the trichome but I have been looking at them for too long that I am not sure anymore if it’s milky or clear.

Based on the photos below, do you reckon I am ready to harvest? Thank you so much for looking into it and for sharing your opinion. It’s very much appreciated!

Photo on 23-2-20 at 12.05 pm Photo on 23-2-20 at 12.04 pm Photo on 23-2-20 at 12.03 pm Photo on 23-2-20 at 11.38 am|640x426

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A couple photos of the main cola and one of the whole plant would help.
If possible in natural light, just not purple

And welcome @Sheikman to a great forum


That would be a bit early for me, I like to see a few amber trichomes before I consider her done but I prefer a little couch lock.

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@Spiney_norman @Hellraiser thank you so much for replying and for the kind words! I am excited to have discovered this forum!

What do you reckon after these photos? The plant is quite small but it seems toward the end of the flowering stage even though I can’t see any amber trichomes. So that’s why I am queen to have your valuable opinions!

PS: I bough a mix of seeds (auto and regulars) during my trip to Amsterdam and I am not sure what this one is because it all got mixed up. The plants went through major stress when I transferred them to a bigger pot and moved them to a less sunny area which happened to also be populated with aphids. From 6 plants that’s the only one that survived.

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Its apparent shes had a rough life.
It will ripen more with a little more time.
Look for some of those trichs to turn amber.
There are still some clear ones. The more amber you have the more sedative the high.
So its really up to you. Maybe with some planning your next plant can produce a lot better than this one.

Got it @Spiney_norman! So you saying it potentially could be harvested now but it will not be as potent as if I wait for some of the trichomes to turn amber. Thank you.

Next plant will be better!

Folks here really love to help out.
Im growing 3 times as much from a single plant as I did at first.
Just dont be shy about asking questions.

I dont think it has as much to do with potency, per se, but it’s more about what kind of high you are looking for.
We all like different buzzes for what ails us, or just to relax or laugh or get relief.
You just gotta keep on growing. You’ll see!
Congrats on getting some of your first self homegrown.

That makes sense! Thank you for the replies and kind words!

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You can harvest but remember you are going to lose about 80% of what you harvest. Better to let her get more weight on her.


Good idea! I have let her grown for one more week - I have another close look this week end and I may give it another week. Will see! I will post some close up photos when I get some.

Going off that pic @Hellraiser what would the effect b more of. Energy or… Just kinda getting a idea

More of a “up” high, can smoke all day without getting sleepy.


Not throwing u on spot but like ur postings. I love the energy. I don’t really won’t mine getting amber harvest when all milky?

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Yep just harvest when most are milky for that effect.


Thank ya much👍

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