Your Greatest Failure


I love seeing big buds but I also enjoy that learning comes from failure. I expect that the best growers will have the most epic failures due to their experience, but I think their is a lot to learn from failure. Show your best failure pic and tell is how it happened. Hope this leads to lots of learning!

Mine was a beautiful DWC girl that was conquered from me forgetting to set the AC before work and she cooked and drowned in 110° weather. Oops lol.


Just read my journal lol


That’s the point bro haha.


That stinks @Vexer why not just set the ac temp and let if run ? Even a setting like 78-80 would
Keep temp manageable

Tell you what a few grows back i got so high before mixing my nutrients
I was making a 20 gallon batch and messed up my math so much
I feed them something like 50x recommended dosage as i was feed i even said to my self :thinking: hummmm that looks darker then normal but did it stop me nope :-1: lol i feed away whistling while i was working
The next morning i woke up to a grow room of cooked plants and since i was then sober I realized what i had done
I flushed my butt off the next few days i had 12-14 plants at the time damage done tbey never did recover well since i cooked dam near everything off them

Hope you had a good laugh :v:️CB


Can’t say I haven’t done that


Read internet expert saying…I pump mine with major dose of nutes.

Dummy me tried the same…fried some really nice plants. Dun take long.