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This little girl is 2 weeks old today. I plan to transplant her on Friday when the root enhancer comes but I notice some yellowing and I don’t think I have been overwatering so I suspect some root-bound . My question is should I wait 2 days so I can treat the roots for long term benefit or should i transplant now to avoid hurting the plant? Thank you for your help.

At 2 weeks I really doubt they are root bound.
I would wait until you have all your stuff needed.
Mix up soil…fill up pots…leave spot right sized for seedling add some mychorrizae…then hand over top …turn over…tap out and transplant
Make sure they have moisture…they need it but just use some to get the soil around the trunk wet…or put water in the tray at bottom and let it wick up…or a little of both…
What soil are they in now?

OK great. Thank you I’ll wait. It’s in a small 2“ x 2“ pot using my wife’s mixture of organic soil with perlite and Coco fiber.The water is pH 6.4 in the soil is that as well.

Looks kinda like she’s hungry

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I haven’t given any nutrients, only water - After I transplant into her larger 5 gallon home is when I planned to start her on food. The pot she is in is so small I didn’t want to burn her.

What nutes you using?

Bergman’s seed-flower

Never used it. But just like any other nutrients, if diluted enough it should be fine. I would feed soon especially if autos

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Thanks - I will.


The soil your using is way to hot for that seedling. You need to get some MG potting soil. Look on the back of the bag bottom left you 'll see the NPK N 0.08 P 0.02 K 0.04 and add some worm casting and get your plants out of that soil that the in or their done

@garrigan62 @Skydiver
The seedlings popped up 12 days ago and are in a mix of Burpee starter mix potting soil ( N 0.06 P 0.03 K 0.03 ), perlite and Coco fiber. I’m waiting for the worm castings to come tomorrow and Mycorrhiza fungi and my plan was to transplant into 5 gallon pots for their permanent home with Fox Farms Ocean Forest mix, perlite and worm castings.
I am worried because I won’t have the worm castings until tomorrow. I have not given the seedlings any nutrients. I do not believe I’ve been overwatering because I have read how dangerous that is and have been careful. Here’s a picture I took this morning could it be something else other than hot soil. The picture is of Northern Lights Auto. What else should I do? Flush?

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What Causes Cannabis Seedlings to Turn Yellow (or Show Other Symptoms)?

Poor Watering Practices – When it comes to seedlings, the most common problem is over-watering. Leaves may turn yellow if roots stay wet for long periods of time (“wet feet”) and may also show -wide variety of other symptoms, spots and nutrient deficiencies. Less commonly similar symptoms can be caused by under-watering but it’s more rare because small plants don’t drink much. [Learn how to water your cannabis plants
Bad Soil – If soil is thick and muddy, your seedlings will grow poorly. [Good cannabis soil]

Not Enough Light – Seedlings get long and stretchy with big spaces between sets of leaves, often with yellowing. [What type of grow lights are good for cannabis plants?

Too Much Light – Parts of the plant closest to the light is turning yellow or brown. [Learn about light burn]
Too Hot or Dry – This can cause leaves to turn into tacos, crinkle up at the edges, and sometimes turn yellow if it gets too bad! Learn about [heat stress] and[ controlling temperatures.

Incorrect pH – If pH is too high or too low the plant may show nitrogen or other deficiencies. [Learn about controlling pH] to prevent [nutrient deficiencies]. As long as your plant is getting nutrients and doesn’t appear droopy, 9/10 times the nutrient deficiency is actually being caused by the incorrect ph!

Not Enough Nutrients (rare) – If growing in soil, it’s very unlikely your seedling will use up all the nutrients in the first few weeks. However, if growing in coco or hydro, it’s important to give seedlings [suitable nutrients from the beginning or they will immediately start turning yellow from the bottom up.


Thank you @garrigan62
I have checked all the above and the only thing that makes logical sense is too much light which I suspected yesterday when using the process of elimination

  • I had them in a small container with a 42W 6.5k sunlite bulb - perhaps too close (about 3 inches from the top) - I would also take them outside during the day for natural sunlight which has been strong here.
    Last night, I moved them downstairs to my 4x4x6.5’ tent with 4 HLG 288s (about 550watts) on a dimmer at 25% placed at 28 inches from the tops. There are 4 seedlings in the tent. I plan to keep a maximum of 4 plants.
    I put them in the tent overnight and I do not see any improvement yet, but I still plan to transplant to the 5-gallon pots tomorrow or the day after. The Ph is 6.4 of the water and soil.

That to funny, because that’s how I figure things out. It’s just a matter of elimination …lol
Try not to keep moving them around and keep the light the same. If you keep moving them in and out the difference in light spectrum will confuse them, they’ll get stressed out and you’ll have even more problems.
Before you transplant, let them rest a couple of more days to recoupe and you should be good to go.


Yes - in my excitement to take advantage of the gorgeous sunshine we have been having while awaiting my light kits to arrive and put together - I have been handling them too much - They are in their new environment and when I transplant to the 5-gallons I expect that to be their final home. I will wait a couple of days and transplant over the weekend. - meanwhile I will try not to be so worried about things and let nature heal. Thank you for your help - this forum is a wonderful asset to our passion.


Perfect…I do believe you got it, and as I say this is an awesome community


@DoobieNoobie what stain do you use for back pain?

I’ve tried a bunch so far. The hardest hitting for me has been slurricane. Most of the heavy indica stuff does a decent job of muting it. ILGM super skunk did good as well. Kind of like putting it on the back burner it’s still there but so long as I don’t think about it it’s ok. As soon as I think of it it’s back. I don’t know if I’ll ever find anything that truly makes it go away.


as an update - @garrigan62 @Skydiver I decided to wait to replant to allow these babies to adjust to a more stable environment - I moved them to the grow tent after putting the lights together 3 days ago and they are responding nicely - The yellowing has stopped and new growth looks healthy. I do think that they were getting light burn from my previous light box and direct sun exposure so early in their young lives. The two spindly guys are newly popped (3 days ago) regular-fem Banana Kush that I will grow outside - the other 4 are autoflowers (NLT, Amnesia and Blueberry) and will remain in the tent in 5 gallon pots. Thank you everyone for all your help.

@DoobieNoobie thanks dude! My cousin f*cked his back up in the military and we were hanging out last night talking about sativa vs. indica, when he said he really wanted to find a strain for pain, so I figured I’d ask you!