Your favorite fertilizer?

Whats your go-to fertilizer for your girls in the early stages, about a month old? Something to get the plant growing TALL and healthy BEFORE the flowering starts.

I can tell you what I use but it might not be applicable to your growing method. I grow in organic soil.

I feed my soil microbes Roots Organics Trinity every two weeks. That’s a Kelp and Molasses blend.

During veg if I have a plant that needs a quick shot in the arm of some Nitrogen I typically use liquid Fish Emulsion from Alaska Ferts or Fish & Seaweed Fert from Neptune’s Harvest. Would not recommend this for hydro or coco unless you like your grow room to smell like an unwashed hooker.

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And if growing outdoors, fish fertilizers will attract all the neighborhood cats… they will then turn your beds into litter boxes and then are hard to get rid of. Cayenne pepper powder is not nice but will discourage them from returning without harming your plants.

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The one I always use top dressing compost teas mixing with my base soils is worm castings so I guess that my favorite

Jack’s 321

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GH supplements

Thanks for the replies. I’m growing OUTDOORS In FOX FARM HAPPY FROG.

Just to clarify - nobody said it was a good idea to use any of this in your grow. You just asked what everyone’s favorite was, not advice for your situation!

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Down to earth 444 484 ,bloodmeal,nectar for the gods sample pack, mr fulvic( biggest game changer imo), molasses , epsom salt

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DR Earth and compost teas

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Wrap the area around the plants with chicken wire so cats cant get near the plants. If they get close enoigh to pee or them they will have no fears on eating on the leaves also. My cat will i know for sure. He loves weed leaves. He wont mess with the buds but he will clean a plant free of leaves of u let him lol. Ive noticed tho we do defols or randomly give him leaves here or there and it totally stops alot of him puking up hairballs and stuff. I have not seen him hack a hairball but q time since ive started growing. Also if u have cats cat grass and catnip i grow here from seed and they love that too helps hairball control with the cat grass

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I use a lot of things. FoxFarm mostly. Jacks is something a lot of growers are using. I do try and stay as much organic as possible. Love fish juice the most.,

In your flower stages. Your ppm should be high already. When your in your 4 week of flowering it’s hard to pump them up to much. You have to do your last two are the most important inmop at that point. 0-0-0. The last two are the bud pumpers. Flush with water every few weeks.

One can only imagine lmao

Stank azz hoes :wink:

Actually smells similar to but not as good as some stinky Thai fish sauce