Your best germination method



heat pads
just a soak
or combination of
or ways I didn’t mention (trying to cover all based)

or any other ways —help had a very poor rate - must have been “bad” seeds - I say that to take the heat off me - Thanks !! - a poor germination rate can be EXPENSIVE!!!


Damp paper towel inside ziplock with a little air trapped inside. Then throw it on top of cable box until see tap root. Then gently placed tap root down in soil and covered by about 1/4”.


I soak my seeds for 48 hours in water then right into what ever medium you are using and put them under light, 18/6, 20/4, and some use 24 for the seedling stage


Pretty much the paper towel trick. As soon as they crack I drop them into a peat pellet. As soon as they show above the pellet, into a small pot with potting soil.


@dbrn32 …in a ziplock bag. Something I learned here that makes the method so successful. Can’t tell you how many times my towels dried out while I was waiting. Just one small piece of advice often left out of the process description.


Not gonna lie, guilty as well. Even the first couple times I used bag I was fighting to get all the air out. A little bit of air trapped inside seems to speed up the process. In most cases I see tap root within 24-26 hours.


@steve2 I was losing too many expensive seeds myself until I read a thread about using Hydrogen Peroxide to germinate. I use a small plastic cup filled halfway with 6.5 water and put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in it. I put the seeds in the water in the dark until I see 1/4" tap roots which takes about a day. I then put the seed in a peat pellet and under a dome or in Fox Farm Light Warrior with a small area hollowed out. I put a small amount of Coco coir in the hollowed out spot, poke a hole a little over 1/4" with a toothpick and sprinkle a small amount of Mykos powder in the hole. I then plant the seed in the Coco and moisten the soil just a little to get the Mykos wet and put it under a dome. I just planted 4 white widows and 4 chronic widows with 100% success. The hydrogen peroxide really helps gets a tap root going.


Have heard of folks using hydrogen peroxide never had - will try


Paper towel for me. I just dampened a paper towel and put in ziplock then just in the Sox draw. Been 100% successful so far.


I put mine in a wet paper towel in a zip lock then sit on them until they pop.


I soak mine in pH 6.5 water for about 12 to 24hrs. Then place it in a rapid rooter and into a mini seed starting tray with the dome on. Works great for me.


Soak in tap water for 24 hrs then straight to their forever home , no transplanting. Some times I will use a pyrex bowl or glass jar for a dome.


I like to soak for 24 hours, then straight into a peat pod and under a dome. I use a heat mat set to 77°F with a thermostat, and I leave one T5 lamp on for 24 hours. I don’t like the paper towel method because the tap root is very fragile and can get stuck in it and be easily damaged while trying to dig it out.


I do the same as @Dieselgrower and @Growit. 100% success rate so far.


I use cotton wool instead of the paper towel and i then place them in a plastc tub. Before i do all tht i take which seeds i am using out the fridge and drop them into luke warm water. It tricks the seed to think its spring and helps speeds up the process of the taproot. I can do it all and have taproot out and planted in under 24hrs using this method and within 36 hrs there normally signs of life first coteyledons are thru.


Thanks to all that took the time to answer - many great ways - have tried most of them - the only yhing i have not tried is the hydrogen peroxide - again how long do you soak ? % of Hydrogen Peroxide to water ? - Peace and I hope Happy germination !!!


like you Skygrower - been loosing way too many seeds — maybe “bad” seeds - have to take a look at some info on quality seeds, you color, shape, size


I put the seeds on a damp paper towel and put it on a small plate. I then put a smaller saucer upside down over the wet napkin on the other plate and put in my cabinet. It is room temp. I leave it in the dark for 24 hours and re-check it.

If no results I make sure the paper towel is still damp and return it to the cabinet and wait another 24 hours. I have an almost 100% germination rate with my seeds at 48 hours.

That’s all I have ever done and I get great results.


@steve2 I use 2ml of hydrogen peroxide to 50 ml of water. I was having problems with the paper towel method on my second grow and lost about $100 of my seeds. I’m too poor to eat that kind of money. If you keep an eye on them, you’ll see that you will be planting every time with seeds that have a 1/4 tail.


I lost them same or more $ - pisses me off !!!