Your advice, are these looking ok?

A question from a fellow grower:

One day I found two seeds n just put them in dirt. Didn’t think they would grow but they did. I don’t know to much in growing weed and don’t have very much to spend on them. but I was just wondering if my plants look ok. They are two weeks old n here are some pictures of them.
Frist two pictures of frist plant n the other two of my second plant. Ty very much.

Move whatever light closer to keep them from stretching so much .

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Give more light. They will be fine!

I would like to see another set of leaves pop out. You will need some type of water soluble nutrients. Best to find a balanced Tomato nutrient at BigBoxgarden store.

However; Do not apply any nutrients to this plant until it has at least 5 sets of true leaves.