Young plant development

Does this plant look about right for 9 weeks?

Seems under developed a bit.

Honestly you won’t like the answer. No…its so small. But that is because of how you are growing it.

But for its health, it looks fine.

This was about 6 weeks old.

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Do you have any suggestions? I do have it under a grow light. I water it about every 3 days. Soil always seems moist.


It looks leggy. Which usually means that it’s not getting enough light, and it uses its energy to stretch and find more light, rather than grow bushy. Give it more sunshine or light. Otherwise it doesn’t look unhealthy, the leaves themselves look good


Put her on the other side of window!.. more light! She’s trying to climb out!

From what I can see of the light it looks like one of those hydra lights from amazon & they are good boat anchors & not much of a grow light. The plant is telling you that by leaning away from it & getting what sunlight it can.

can you put it outside

Thanks everyone.
I’ll try to find a place outside… or get a better light.
We’re in the woods so there’s not a lot of light for much of the day… also there are deer, mountain sheep and elk that want to eat it outside.

Since it is 9 weeks and not in flower, it must be a photo. How are you going to manage light exposure if you want it to flower?

Good question. I can control the light indoors. Outside, what comes naturally will have to do.

I grew a number of plants in outside in the garden in the early 70’s. Didn’t worry about anything then. Put the seeds in the ground and watered them. The plants just grew. It all seems so complicated now.

Maybe I need to invest in a better light and stay indoors. I’m only growing the one plant now. I will start another soon.

How critical is the light timing for a decent yield?


Lighting is critical. Direct correlation to harvest size and quality.