You were right....Jack's is amazing!

You were right.

Jack’s 321 is the easiest, cheapest and best nutrient base I could imagine.

Healthiest plants I’ve ever had!

I can’t believe how much better they look.


Love it. 8 weeks in flower.
Only problems which were very minimal were operator error.

Growin Well !!


There’s a reason we suggest it, lol. Just like HLG lights. They just work and work well. There’s no kickback to ILGM for suggesting these products (otherwise we’d be able to link them). They are member tested and member approved.


@BobbyDigital can you put info up on the specific lights your talking about please Sir


Horticultural Lighting Group, there’s many configurations, size and wattage levels offered. Depending on the area you need to cover.


@Bulldognuts thanks sir 4×4 area any suggestions as to proven product used the most popular… i will have a look…


I am a few weeks in on my first grow with the HLG Blackbird in a 4x4 and everything is good so far.


I’m newer but was recommended HLG and I wrote a huge write up in the forum about how blown away I was with quality. I’ve only owned it for a few days but it is still amazing to look at and my plants are loving life under it. Most will suggest a 550-600watt model for 4x4. I wanted the 600R but was going refurbished route and I got a 550R and am super happy. The Rspec are made to go from seed to flower. Also if you are a veteran you can get 25% off if you message them and verify your status. Even if not there are always coupon codes guys have here and if you do go refurbished if on. A budget with a coupon they aren’t too bad. Highly worth the cost though, I never thought I’d get excited. About a square led for my plants but here I am :joy:


I put 2 HLG 260xl rspec in my 4x4. :+1:

Love the power from the HLG lights. A photo of an old grow and my first under the HLG lights. I walked away with over 2 lbs dried, cured and no stems.


I’m assuming an auto… Lush, and rich green colors indeed. Which formula of Jack’s are you giving her?

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Yes an auto …it is taller than it looks…just a weird angle.

It’s the Part A + salt then Part B method I suppose

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Yea jacks is the bomb just harvested the runtiest auto of the group a bloody skunk and its colas are as wide and tall as Monster cans the rest are absolute monsters and couldnt have done it purely organic


600RSpec. It’s built for a 4x4.


Yeah, and that gap between the two led’s is perfect for their UV bar

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One can only hope and wish lol nice light

All these ladies sure love Jack’s 321. ILGM✔️


Ok i read up on j321 was thinking is was organic soil but its a mixture of 3 things…


Formulas given as Part A, Part B, Epsom Salt in grams per gallon
Traditional 321: A - 3.6 / B - 2.4 / E - 1.2
Jack’s Nutrient Schedule: A - 3.8 / B - 2.5 / E - 1.0
Common Flower recipe: A - 2.0 / B -2.0 / E - 2.0 / MKP 1.2
MKP is monopotassium phosphate 0-52-34

Many individualized recipes too


Jacks is hard to find in the uk, have to order off US eBay :weary: only reason I haven’t tried it yet, but I think I may on next run

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How important are their other nutrients for flowering?

I’m currently just using the Part A, salt and Part B.

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