You think deficiency?

SMART! Never go by the labels. They want you to use more than necessary to sell more product. Quarter strength is always a good starting point.

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I used Roots Organics Cal Mag and it loweted the pH

Is it the cal mag bottle nuit or dry powder? I don’t use either but I do have a sample pouch of the dry stuff.
I use bloom city cal mag and it doesnt lower my p.h.

This is the one with the high p.h. (Cookies Kush)

This is of my other one that isn’t so bad with the p.h. (M.A.C.)


Notice how the one with good ph is greener and buds more developed and denser? Better access to NPK… n keeps em green. Pk makes bud development go.

Both are gorgeous regardless


Hey everyone.

So here is the deal. I am still trying to figure out what this is. I am starting to think I may not be feeding enough.

I transplanted into 5 gal pots and I cut away the affected leaves on the one plant as I was trimming her.
A couple weeks in to flowering and I now see these symptoms on two of my girls. I still have one that does not show these symptoms. The plants seem very healthy even with this odd issue. Which I’m now starting to think that maybe I am not feeding these girls enough?

I also did a slurry test using soil from about 4 to 6 inches deep and that came back at 6.2

I noticed that this is affecting the whole plant and not just from the bottom up. Seems to start off as little rust spots all over the leaf and then it will start getting brown and yellow blotches and then eventually become very brittle.

Flowering feeding is done once a week.

I feed them each 1 gallon @
15ml of Advanced Nutrients SensiBloom parts A 3-0-0 and B 2-4-8
7ml of AN - Sensi Cal 4-0-0 ( last 2 weeks)

Should I maybe feed each 2 gallons of nutes, or maybe try feeding once more in the middle of the week?

Great guide here. Should have the answer you need.


I as I little worried to hear when you transplanted your plant to 5gal pots you say no roots there should of been lots I’m having the same problem Iv just order cal mag and see if that helps I’m in soil using canna A&B there in flower week two ppm before feed is 1200 witch is a little hi and I’ll be dropping this to 800/900 I’m also Isis has a auto pot system witch I’m finding hard to tweek hopefully you sort it out mate

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it’s a little tough to see in the yellow light but looks like calcium to me. i ran into Cal deficiencies with both my indoor plants using the AN sensi line. one of them i was able to fix and the other i was not, which made me question what the issue actually was. the crazy thing is they said NOT to use their sensi cal because it could cause additional problems. I will say you may be overfeeding on the N because their calmag has N in it and you’re almost at 100% strength for A and B. are the tips brown?

have you done a flush yet? i feel like i may have asked you this early on, apologies trying to catch up… the salt builds up over time. have you been watering to 20% overflow?

you can also foliar feed calmag at lights out. i didn’t do that for mine, which I had at least given it a shot.


Yup. Still screams calmag to me. And seems to be an continuing issue with canna. @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @merlin44 u guys know anyone who has used Canna A & B effectively?

@Greenjeans76 the grow light does tint the coloring a bit. Try to get a photo at lights out, or remove the plant from the area to take a picture.


Sorry, I can’t help with this one. Thanks for the tag.

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Not me, I use GH.

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I haven’t used that line. I’ve used a lot, but that hasn’t been one yet lol.


Thanks fellas… now i guess ill search the search bar

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I’m using canna A&B and constantly get issues and I’m thinking it’s because I’m just using canna A&B with a little cal mag but I think the trick to canna is there full range I think I’m missing key nutrients from the rest of the range they do ie PK,flush,Rioz ect so this is my 3/4th grow and not had one yet with out nutrients issues iv still had nice results but know they could of been better so after Christmas I’m busing the full range and will judge it when used plus always go a bit lower than the dosage says that helps

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Hey @PurpNGold74 and everyone else, thanks for the replies.

I’ll attach a couple pics. I think the issue is related to RH. Which could of explained why my girls were displaying multiple symptoms of different deficiencies. I found that during the day the RH was getting down to under 30%. Went back to the basics and made sure my RH was good and around 50%, flushed and continued normal feeding and sup with calmag. If anything it severely slowed down whatever the issue was or stopped it completely since I am having a hard time finding any new damage.


Yeah; looks like cal mag would be the ticket. Remember to look to new growth for any improvement as the leaves will not recover.