You think deficiency?

Were you getting decent runoff like that?

No not like that. I’d just feed and water until I started to see runoff.

I have the girls transplanted in 5gal pots now and have been for about 4 days now. I’ll keep you updated on the plant that was having the issues.

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Do you know alot about ORGANIC growing? I’ve been trying to research about organic growing and the RIGHT way to go abouts with watering and PHing and ppms.
My question is I guess does the run off readings matter with organics?
I use the whole root organics nuitrent line and there soil.
I do PH my water when I water or nuit my plants, i don’t know what I’m suppose to actually PH my water either to right before I water. For organics I heard 6.5 to 6.8 but with the grow that’s in week four of flower I’ve been PHing my water at 5.9 going into the soil the whole run and the run of on one of the two plants go up to 7.5
I havmt seen any major deficiencys but I’m worried and just want to do stuff right no what I mean so any and all help would be awesome please and thank you.

i’m too new at this to give you any advice - just starting my first organic run but i’m is one super soil so there should NOT be any runoff. i’m desperately trying to never have to measure ph in/out, ppm in/out or vac out runoff ever again. will see how that goes :wink:

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I know someone who can help here! @Budbrother


Craig, do you have a journal? start one if not and then folks can tag some organic growers to help you out.

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I don’t have a journal I work two jobs and have a perpetual grow going somewhat and I have two kids and a fiance haha. My life is pretty full and I barely have time to do what I can. I’ve always wanted to but like I said no time really.
I might do it though soon. Sorry if I’m hi jacking someone’s post.

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@Budbrother you think you could help with some question s I have about my organic grow?

He’s been in and out alot lately. But from what ive been learning myself… ph in organics fluctuates a good bit. Me myself, i aim to keep it between 6-7 now. He’s been on me about ph’n (well to stop) for the better part of a year now. Its an old habit and has saved my grows so its tough.

At 7.5 id try to get it a bit lower. But yes. The microbes do most the heavy lifting for true organic growing

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I’ve been trying like crazy to get the p.h. down from the very start It started out well 6.2 6.4 then it started rising and rising. This is me watering at 5.9 the whole time of its life,even at 5.5 sometimes. Which I’m pretty sure is not good for organic growing I guess. I should be to 6.5-6.8 is from what I understand with organics. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

But with me being in the 4th week of flower the crucial part of flower I wanted to get that p.h. down so I bought jobbs organic soil acidifier (sulfur) to try and drop it some. I was scared to use it so I didn’t use much but i did get it to drop to 7.3 from 7.7. Yeah it was at 7.7 not 7.5 so I was freaking out a little bit. But surprisingly my plants look good for one being at 7.3 and the other 7.1

Anyways any good tips and suggestions would really help please and thank you.

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@Craig420Daniels Start one and tag me

If true organic methods, your microbes and fungi should have corrected the ph, if there is a thriving population. You can use citric acid to do adjustments. Lemon or lime juice will also work.

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or just start a thread specifically on a single question. it’ll also help everyone else who’s researching the same things. i’m a big fan of adding knowledge in easy, searchable categories.

I put my pH pen and ppm pen in my car, drove to the lake and thru them biotches as far as I could throw them. Then went to Hobby Lobby and bought a micro scope. I want to grow orgaincally and after two runs I have come to the conclusion that those things are the devil. Feed your microbes my brain keeps telling me. This run is RO water only, has 9 ppm. and that is it. no over watering, no pH’ing and a tea once a week (not even pH’ing the tea) in this run, going to see if I can get some healthy stuff going in flower.

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We had a couple of growers here years ago: @Wishingilivedina420state and something pilgrim. Both working with teas in living soil. Might be worth searching for his thread.


Thx, I am learning more and more all the time, the tea once a week will keep the microbes going and also keeps your pH from being out of balance. I learned that if you don’t feed those microbes and keep them populated your pH will drift UPwards. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am using bottled nuites but it’s root organics and I’m using the full line basically except the two new bottles that just came out this year which is calmag and rain. But I’m also using bloom city organics calmag and root organics for the soil. I water twice a week. One time is with nuites and the other is with unchlorinated water with a splash of one of my nuites to drop the p.h. and I use baking soda to bring the p.h. up if I over shoot it and when I do the nuites mix I use baking soda also to raise the p.h.
I just last week introduced jobbs organic soil acidifier (sulfer) last week. Im not very sure about it so I only put alittle bit on the top and watered it in. My p.h. of last run off was 7.7 at that point and it went to 7.3 for the run off from the first application of the sulfer. That was week 4 of nuites. The next time I watered was basically just unchlorinated water with calmag and the p.h. was at 8.3 with this last watering and second application of the sulfer. Now I’m freaking out at this point seeing my p.h. That high. My plants look very good in my eyes not any changes in leaf color hardly. I’m sorry for the long message and confusing way I said it but if anyone can help let me know please.

Depending on if you are on city water or ro water, You should be using a 1/2 to teaspoon of calmag with that unchlorinated watering day. Not with the nutes. Maybe the calmag will drop the pH some instead of using nutes again. Following here to see what to do to lower that high pH, Do you check your ppm’s? I use roots organics, both greenfields and original after starting off with fox farms. I want to go all organic and working towards that goal.

Correct. Calmag will drop ph like nutes. Just u dont use it as heavily.

@Craig420Daniels are u sure ur ph meter is working properly? The sulphur should
Have dropped it somewhat. Looks to have gon the wrong direction!

I don’t grow with bottles, so I’m of no help to you. I can say, baking soda isn’t good for frequent applications. An increase in sulfur levels during flowering will bring out the smell and taste

The bloom city organic cal mag doesn’t drop the p.h. I tried that first and I should only be giving cal mag on the one the i just use water not with the nuites watering also. And yes my pen is correct I leave it in storage solution when not in use and It is the ph20. I just recalibrated it and I do it every so often. I have to do week 5 if nuites either tomorrow or the next day depending how dry they are. I will post pictures of my set ups and of the plants later. Also with the sulfar I did not put a full application on either times due to I wasn’t sure if it was good or not to due couldn’t find anything about it with organic gardens. It was a fraction of what they said to use. Didn’t want to over due it can’t ever take back from it but you can always add.