You have a caterpillars infestation!? Here something that work!


Bt-k is the acronym of Bacillus thuringiensis var. Kurstaki
It’s a bacillus that when the caterpillars eat it will liberate tiny crystals that will multiply, clog and liberate a toxin in the digestive system of the caterpillars… They will stop eating, munching on the plant after 2 to 3 hours after the ingestion and they will die of starvation anywhere between 2 to 7 days…

It’s very effective… And safe for beneficial insects, birds, fish and mammals… It’s accredit for organic grow…

Here’s an Amazon link ;

Even if the sun is not a damageable factor , it will “stick” better if you apply it when leaves are dry and at sunset or in late afternoon :wink::grinning:

And oh, follow the recommand dilution and do not “drench” or drown your plant with Bt-k , it’s useless and cost more :wink: Just one spray or two per area covert by your sprayer mist and apply on and under the foliage and buds…

It’s my first preventive line to fight against all caterpillars…

Hope that’s gone a help as many growers as needed,

~Al :v: :innocent:


So I’ve noticed a lot of caterpillar topics recently. I have an issue with them but haven’t seen this particular question asked.
I didn’t spot any caterpillars until I had it hanging drying out. Haven’t seen any damaged buds so my question is, am I somewhat in the clear? With the buds drying out, losing moisture, will the worms continue to eat?

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Yeap, they surely will… So, nope, you are not in the clear zone… in fact, you’re in trouble… They will poop too… They will eventualy die when you gone a cured and dead caterpillars + poop will eventualy cause bud rot and/or other problems… Bacterial problems…

If you’re not too advance in the drying processus, you can apply Bt-k, wait a day or two and wash your crops in a dilution of hydrogen peroxyde… And make it dry with a fan. It may save your a$$…

If the drying processus is almost done, you can let it finish and put it in jar to cure…, the lack of oxygen will push them to reach for air and they will try to get out…, hand pick them… And poop is still going to be a problem… I personnaly, would not smoke it even if it doesn’t cause bud rot, it may hold bad bacteria like fecal coliforms or/and salmonella… You cannot wash at this point, you will lose the trichomes…, no trichomes, no joy…

Either way there is no garantee it will work… I am sorry for the bad news…

The lesson here @Beans is : kill all of them before harvesting…

~Al :v: :innocent:


yeah that sounds like some great smoke… :grin::palm_tree::+1::v:


Mmmmm !!! Is in it !!!? :poop::grin::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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When you smoke the shit (I mean the real shit from Caterpllars) wont the heat kill all the germs etc.?

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Sure, if you want to smoke caterpillar droppings.

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