Yikes aphids on my zkittlez

My Zkittlez has been through everything yellow leaves, spots, nute burn. I was nearing harvest and now aphids. I clipped off some of the leaves that had noticeable aphids and bought 150 ladybugs for my grow space. I think i things are on track now I get a growth spurt with lots of white pistils. big question is will i need to wash the buds and how did i get aphids?


Well done! I Absolutely love the use of lady bugs


Courious when the aphids are all gone how do you get rid of the lady bugs?? Just wondering.

You don’t, just start feeding them and give em a little place to nest so they breed and stay around to keep any pests away


Not sure how I will get rid of the lady bugs. maybe a couple lizards or vacuum. they seem to clump together at night.
I was just very surprised at the growth spurt after getting rid of the aphids. they are 9 weeks old.
funny I have a gorilla touching the Zkittlez and i can not find aphids on the G.G.
so do i need to do a bud wash or am i ok without?

Congrats looks nice ! I would definitely do a bud wash

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No need for a bud wash but that’s up to you… We use ladybugs all yr round and love them. Have bought thousands this yr and try to keep them around as long as we can… fans, will chop them up at times so we try to keep those clean or if your using air hoods that aren’t sealed correctly they’ll get inside your hoods and burn up…Never had aphids or spider mites ( thanks the Lord) just gnats and white flies. As stated in another thread gnats for use are easier to get rid of then white flies there horrible. Yellow sticky pads work super for that along with Dr Bonners organic baby soap and neem oil…In short I’d keep the lady bugs :grimacing:

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Looks good to me :grimacing:

I went the entire summer no pest issues . I used neem oil throughout veg and captain Jack’s during flower for prevention then 6 weeks into flower got a bad aphids infestation. Found out captain Jack’s doesn’t work on aphids . I used some other organic aphid spray and took care of them but I found a lot of dead aphids during the bud wash , it’s up to you but my personal opinion I’d recommend it , a lot of nasty stuff coming off of those girls if grown outdoors . I haven’t used lady bugs yet so not really sure how to care for that

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I am an indoor grow so I am trying to figure out how I got aphids. I have converted a large gun safe into my mini garden. Its fireproof and dead quiet and everyone thinks it has guns in it. LoL. It was a bitch drilling through it for ventilation very stealth hidden in plane sight. anyway i guess it came from my FF happy frog dirt? what’s weird is i have two plants. one Zkittlez and one Gorilla Glue and i can only find Aphids on the Zkittlez. so maybe you outdoor guys should try Gorilla Glue to avoid aphids? The ladybugs seem to have really done a good job. So i am getting every ones thought on the bud wash. I’d rather not. but willing to try it.

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