Yikes. 3 week old seedling started to flower. Can I save her?

I put my baby plants (mix of clones and seedlings) under a much to intense LED light. The clones had an absolute horrid time under it and began cannibalizing their leaves instead of growing roots. The seedlings did slightly better but wilted after a couple weeks. When I researched the error of my ways, I threw these back under a T5 light and the difference made one of these babies start to flower.

It’s currently under the 24hr ON T5 but still pushing towards bud. Can I do anything to revert this to veg? It’s a very exotic strain and I’m pheno hunting so every survivor counts!

It must be a autoflower? If not, the 24hr t5 should revert back into vegetation state. You would think.

Nice looking

Top it… see what happens

It’s a photo but just got stuck in flower. I topped it.

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