Yield on auto flowers low?

I have grown 3 auto’s from ILGM this year, 2 sour diesel and 1 super skunk. I purchased seeds last year…but I yielded 2 ounces between 3 plants. Yield in autos say 5-15 LBS. I did grow outdoor and used fox farm trio of nutrients. Last year I yielded low on autos as well…not more than 1.5 ounce (being generous) on last year autos of sour diesel, Ak 47, super skunk. Last year on photos I yielded 2 1/2 lbs on photo bubble gum, ak47 and white widow. Is expectation of 5-15 ounces wrong? I am not yielding anywhere close to that, thoughts?


Where did all of the fan leaves go? “Cannabis solar panels“ the top guys on here call them.


Autos can be nice yeilds.

These are 2 autos, the smaller one was a Zkittles with a mutation it topped itself and never got bery big, but it still gabe me about 4oz.
The taller one is a Northern lights and it gave me well over 16oz of some dense nugs.

How many hours are they in direct sunlight a day?
Shaded areas can slow them.


That’s an Autoflower for ya…lol you’re not doing anything wrong its just the way they are and can be. I’d stick to photos, but hey that’s just me.


Autos are just like any other plant, needs the right nutrition at different times to achieve its function. Finishing 3rd grow, 4th is started.

First ever, 3 autos, avg 4 zips per plant. 2nd, 2 autos, few grams shy of 5 zips total.

3rd grow, 3 autos, 8 zips, had 2 plants mutated, the Dos-Si-Do and Purple Punch.

My Ph was way off because of alot of spring rains, our wells Ph was off. Dos corrected itself somewhat, first Purple was pulled and 2nd seed dropped, it mutated but got coreccted, only produced an ounce, Dos-Si-Do 3.5 zips.

Self inflicted wound, too easy to blame its an auto, not my fault.

     It was our fault.  Cheap Ph testing.
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The fan leaves did get removed prior to harvest…one I had someone watch my house and think they plucked a big one off top…but the autos have not had a lot of fan leaves. I had a 3rd plant got taken over by amphids (I let devour to see result as I have a lot of leftover crop from last year…one week they devoured )…I hear ya with the solar panel and that may be reason. This year in sun from 8am 230 pm…been tight with sun as moved to new place this year. But last year same deal with yield and sun was from 730-7pm. These are pics of new autos…I feel these too will yield low.


That’s crazy that you’re getting consistently low yields with such stout looking, healthy plants. I hope one of the old schooler’s on here can give you a good tip, I have nothing🤔


This is just a guess but sounds like they are taken out for sun in the day and inside at night.

We see the best growth when plants are in a stable environment with not alot of regular fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

I wonder if the 2 different environments daily is slowing them down maybe :thinking:

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The plants are outside 100%. They are not brought in at night as I have no reason to. I planted seeds in pea pod, transfer to 3 or 5 gallon…I use happy frog soil and fox farm trio nutrients but really only the basic one and bud grow liquid nutrient. I ph the water between 6-6.7. There are only a few big leaves and they will tend to disappear as grow time goes on. I just had this leave become issue and will soon be gone. This is only leaf looking like this right now