Yield on auto flower

Hey, been reading about auto flower. been seeing 3/ 4 oz yield. planting northern lights auto flower first time. How much will it produce. Is it much lower than regular? Got almost a LB on my super skunk ( fem )

Don’t know much about autos, I know @blackthumbbetty and @DoobieNoobie grow them. Maybe they can give you some insight

What does the breeder say about its yield?

Autos can have stupendous harvests, depending on the strain, growing technique, and skill of the grower. Some strains just won’t produce much, while others grow 6+oz, even for first time growers. Outdoors & hydro might grow bigger plants, naturally, no matter the strain/grower experience. Some growers can get any auto strain to pump out ounces & ounces…I think they’re wizards, or something.

Autos, from the start, have less potential to grow into monsters, simply b/c they can’t be vegged for extended periods. This also means you can’t use too many high stress training techniques with autos. With autos, you can’t force them to do what you want, like you can with a photoperiod plant.

So, long story short, in a fight between auto northern lights & photo northern lights, photoperiod has the potential to yield more than the auto.


Reg photos yield more. Auto’s harvest sooner…small plants, smaller harvest. It’s a trade off.

your choice. 2 or 3 months sooner…OR…bigger harvest?


Would be nice to know which auto strains produce the larger harvest.


That 3 or 4 oz yield is probably based on 3 sq meters of plants. I grow mine outdoors, indoor growers have different results but from 4 White Widow Autoflowering plants, I got 9oz smokable bud and about 2 oz trim/popcorn buds. For the year so far on 8 plants, I harvested 25+ oz.

Last harvest-



I never get tired of looking at your jarred buds. Yummmmmmmmy!


For me, autos are the perfect. Small in nature so they are perfect for stealth growing, especially in an unfriendly state, smaller plants equals smaller smell.
My plants took approx 3 months seed to harvest, as is average with AF.

While I give up one lage harvest at the end of the year off a “tree”, I can make up for it with more harvests and can plant more varieties. Right now I am in a deep struggle on whether to get the Blueberry AF 10/10 deal or the Auto Mix-
This mixpack contains 5 or 10 of each from these strains:

  • Amnesia Haze Autoflower
  • Blueberry Autoflower
  • Northern Lights Autoflower
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Or do I plant my remaining 10 WWA next year early and finish early next year? I usually do 5 seeds at a time, 30 days apart. I really think I want my season done by Aug the latest, bud rot almost got me this year.

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I love autos for the same reason. Variety is the spice of life. While I might potentialy need 2 auto harvests to equal 1 photo harvest, at the end of those harvests I’ll have 14 different strains to choose from. :grinning:


I’m too new to answer. But the answers above sums up my expectations. My reason for doing autos is trying to test as many strains as possible in the shortest time period. An ounce or two per plant is all I’m hoping for. But anything that causes the plant to stall effects yield. I mean anything! So this round I have two that are performing well and two that I slowed down with mistakes. Those two will barely produce anything.


I like the autos for indoors. My Northern Light did real well about four oz. Per plant. yield has a lot of different factors lights Being a big one. I think you’ll be very happy with the northern light. Good luck

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I got ~200 grams from one White Widow Auto. ILGM seeds. Smoking it now (let it cure slow)…


In the seed shop, pick any strain. On the left side of its web page, you will see a graphical representation of the various characteristics of it. If you actually mouse over the green “bar graph” you will also see a numerical representation (e.g. 3oz/ft2 or 3oz/plant) of that characteristic. These numbers are likely optimistic, but will still tell you which is more likely to have a bigger yield than others.

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I don’t have dry weight numbers, but I grew 13 autoflowers (11 WW,1 colorodo cookie, 1 pineapple express) in two waves in a 33"x46"x80" shower under 400HPS+400MH lamps. It produced 22 qt sized jars of weed and supplied my wife and I (both heavy users) with 9 months of weed, had to have been around a pound+. They were my first and second grows and I did all sorts of horrible things to them, so they probably could’ve produced even more than that.

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The blueberry auto seeds are trash. So far 1 of 7 have sprouted.


2 words. Rapid Rooters. I had all kinds of problems with blueberry autos until I found out about them.


Are they similar to rock wool?

Nope. They’re a peat pod with some kind of root starter added. They feel like a moist sponge. They sell on Amazon. I believe @raustin told me about them.

What size of space are u useing

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