Yield loss after cloning

Any one ever experienced yield loss after several generations of clones. I’m finding that after my 3 generation of clones my yeald is getting smaller. This has happened to my bubble gum and now ak . I’ve been back at it for over a year .

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Sounds like your mother plant needs some love.

I’ve read where breeders put indoor plants outdoors for the summer to bring back the vigor.


I feel like they do slow down some. I had 5 runs from some mother plants and the buds seemed to not form as well after 3rd batch.

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When they slow down, monster crop a clone, and it brings them back for a couple more cycles. Then you’ll probably need to drop a seed. At least that’s what it seems like with my grows. I clone as much as I can, but eventually it seems like they get a little “tired”.

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Good deal I was wondering if anyone else ever noticed this