Yield lab 440, dealing with noise. Light recommendations

I bought a yield lab 440 cfm. It works great but it is noisy, any way to combat this issue? Does fan mufflers help? Or do they restrict to much flow? Another question I have, what is a good light cheap light for my 2x2x4? I have a California lightworks extreme 500 for my big tent but it dumps out lots of heat, so I’m trying to stay away from anything relating to heat issues. Thanks in advance.

Man, I like mars hydro lights alot. Specially the qb sets they have. You can get a ts600 that says it flowers a 2x2 for around 80 bucks, or a ts1000 that I know for sure will flower the crap out of a 2x2 for 140ish. The heat is better than blurples and no fan for noise. Hgl have some nice kits too and cost a little more. I would stay away from the plethora of amazon blurples though.


There are plug in dials where you can dial back the RPM’s, kinda like a dimmer switch, you can control how fast the fan runs. That can help, I have one and run it about 3/4 speed.

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Welcome I put a sound deadener kit on the outside of the housing of my fan makes a big difference. It’s basically just peel and stick. Also the speed control will make a difference as mentioned by @SeaSeaside_guy1

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@SeaSeaside_guy1 do you remember where you got it. I googled it but cant find it. Terrabloom speed controller is what I searched. Does it have a model or serial number and maybe find it that way. The yield lab I have has a controller on the power cord, just curious if the terrain bloom would work with it? Thanks

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Try terrabloom variable fan speed controller on amazon :slight_smile:

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Is it the actually fan noise that’s loud or is it the air rushing through that’s making it? Pic of the set up ?

@Watt-Sun good question but I believe it is more so the air movement. Pictures to come.

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You could try adding a length of ducting to the other side if the fan. I find my fans are much quieter when I have ducting on both ends. Are you waiting to hook up the carbon scrubber? @semo63936 what stage are your plants at ? Veg or flower?

I am just in the setup stage, I did have 5 seeds started but they didn’t make it. That’s a whole other story. I dont plan on using the scrubber except during heavy smells arise. Thought about moving the fan to the opposite end of duct.

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@Axemanjake23 I went with the ts1000, hopefully it will do the job.

My man, you will be impressed with that light. It has proven to be a really good light. I am planning on picking another up.

@Axemanjake23 I received the ts1000 yesterday and love it. dropped my temp in the grow tent 8 degrees and no fan noise. thanks

Man that’s great to hear. Just make sure to keep the light at the manufacturer’s recommendations. It can be a little intense for your plant if to close.

thanks, seems to be a nice little light for the money. do you run yours at 100% or use the dimmer? @Axemanjake23

100% at 16 inches. In flower right now.

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