Yield is smaller than I have seen in a long time

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I have a question my small crop I did with your seeds the plants stayed super short and the yield is smaller than I have seen in a long time. I have been doing this for a long time I used your fertilizer under 1000 watt grow light but I have to say the quality I think will be there but these were the smallest plants ever. What are your thoughts I am starting another round I am going to put a mix of yours with some from crop king which I have always used and compare. if there is something I did wrong let me know the only thing I did differanty is your seeds and your fertilizer. You tell me what is up’

More info would be needed to determine why your plants “ are small “
How close to the canopy was the light
what size pots
Type of medium
Feeding regiment
Did you experience any deficiencies etc all determines the plants over all size and yield
Also type and strain you grew
Pictures would also help

Here a picture of a ILGM Bruce Bannner fem photo started from seed this picture is 5 weeks into flower
The plant is 5-1/2 foot tall indoors under a 630 lec with led side lights

Among 10 other plants

Join is so we can get into this a bit more and see if we can determine what is happening with your grow
Happy Growing :v:CB


Growing under a light you should be able to make your plants any size you want "Just grow till they are 1/2 the size you need " then flower. I’ve even been FIMing my ILGM autoflowers with good results. More Info needed

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I have them I 3 gallon pots. The light was about 2 feet away on 400 mh for the first 3 weeks then slowly raised up and switched to 1000 hps for the rest of flowering. Feeding exactly the way the scedual went on the bergmans starter, grow, and bloom. 2 times with the boost. I will send pictures. Everything looked great as normal until the last couple weeks. It was like the flowers slowed down the plant stopped going up and the flowers stated crystalize but the rest of the plant stopped. I did every thing the same as I normally do to end up with 3-4 foot plants and a great supply for the year. Something happened sorry maybe I am just an idiot but I am going to start another round so it finishes before summer is over. As these are drying I have a real earthy smell to them if that helps you not a real pungent skunky smell. Thank you Insane!


Sorry I was growing blueberry autos, amesia hase autos and northern light autos.

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not sure how to upload a picture here

My guess; based on my experience with ILGM is your plants outgrew their space (3 gallon) and became root bound which plays havoc with your PH and can cause the plant to finish early.

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