Yet another newbie

Hello! First of all thank you for access to this incredible wealth of information and sense of community. And, Thank you to any and all that have the patience to muddle through my many questions here forwards and perhaps offer some assistance.
Picture of my three ladies taken on Friday (07/10/20), had 4 but fairly confident she was a he (will add more to that later).

My main question today is about food. I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible while achieving a somewhat successful harvest. I feel like for where I live (growing zone outdoors about a 4) I may be a little late to the party this year to expect much but one can always hope! A local friend told me to just use organic shake and feed fertilizer for tomatoes and other vegetables. Will this be sufficient for my girls? And if so how often should I apply to the soil? The label claims to feed for up too three months?


Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you

Nutes are the science/ backbone to growing. It’s very important to know what you’re feeding her.

Shake and feed nutes, isn’t something you see around here

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Haha welcome to the site! I used pots just like that my first grow (blue ones) and it turned out to be the best smoke. Hope u all the best!

Quick tips:

PH pen (id go Apera-20… like $40 but so worth it)
Skip the mater feed if possible. Nutrients are important in this. You can even get some good ole fish emulsion from HD/Wally World… it works! The tried and true Fox Farms and General Hydroponics also are tried and true for a reason.
Ask questions and read your butt off!
Enjoy your grow. Good luck


Wow! What strain is that center plant? That purple stem is freaking amazing!

You say you live in zone 4, but what’s your latitude (and altitude if notable)?
How much direct sunlight do they get each day?
Were they started inside and then introduced to outside living?
When did they pop out of the soil?

Please share more pictures. Welcome to ilgm!

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Honestly, dont listen to these shmucks! :laughing: seriously they grow nice plants though. If you are just beginning to grow herb. Im gonna tell you a little know secret. The brown stuff called soil found on the ground where plants grow will do just fine. It may not be the very best, but generally, if you can grow vegetables in it, you can grow pot in it. In many cases you can grow some nice pot in it, especially if you plant direct to ground. The only thing I would do is add a good amount of perlite to the soil to aid in drainage and give the roots air. Thisbis by far tge easiest hassle free way to grow pot. Just water it like vegetables. Of course, as your skills improve so will your method. Remember, this is a plant, a fairly hearty one as well. Give it lots of sun, dont be tempted to fertilize it unless it says its hungry.


Grow in information like ur plant