Yet another first timer! Getting ready to start

Hello and thank you for reading!

After months of lurking and reading i finally pulled the trigger on a light. I bought the HLG 260W XL QB V2 Rspec. However, i know i need so much more. My grow area is basically just a spot in my spare bedroom. My plan to start is autoflowers in a 2x4 tent. I’m leaving towards the ac infinity 4x2x6.

I’m a little overwhelmed on everything i need to start so here i am!

I guess my first question would be about what ventilation i need. Would the cloudiness t4 and fans be good?

Next panic is grow medium, nutrients, and any other equipment i will need.

Thank you again for any help and wisdom! Look forward to this journey with everyone!


Welcome to the forum and to growing! :grinning:


welcome to your new happy place :blush:
You are gooing to get different suggestions for your medium, nutes…I made a list of all the equipment I got and use and i ran out of paper. lol
I use FFOF and Jack’s 321 nutes. these nutes are very easy to use.
I started with 1 crap lite, then another crap lite and finally have 2 that i use. Good luck to you and happy growing.


i would go for 6in ac infinity and get the carbon filter if you worried about the smell.

a 2x4 tent will work great for 2 plants. i have 2 of those HLG lights in a 4x4.

you will need a ph and ppm meter, apera or blue labs are great ones to test you water and run off.

growing medium depends on your preference. i would research on that. a lot use coco that needs to be watered more, a lot use soil (different brands)

nute, plenty use jacks 321 and seems to be easy to use. i started with Fox Farms trio and continue to use it.

humifier to keep humidity at the right levels. a dehumidifier if your in a area where the humity is to high

searching this forum has loads of great info.

welcome to the community


Welcome aboard. Decide how in depth you wanna be and research those threads. All you need is up here. I personally am a lazy grower.


I have an AC Infinity 4x2 tent. I can cram 5 autos in mine. :smiley:

It really is a step up in quality from the cheapest tents. You will notice the extra quality.


Well for starters u need to make ur mind up on what nutrients you are going to use whether you so bottled nutes or jacks nutes or Gai green products or if ur going to use down to earth dry amendments and once u have worked that out then work out what type of soil if u go with hp promix or fox farm ocean Forest and happy frog mixed or u go coco this what you need to work out first sorry if this makes things more difficult but its important to work these things out before you spend money on things only to find you made the wrong choice .


100%! That’s where i need to focus. Better to learn more than messing up a grow!


So whats ur thoughts on medium and nutes u have any idea yet

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I’m leaving towards an autopot buyt salt th data as far as I’ve gotten


Aha ok auto pots are supposed to be pretty good alot of people use them .what ever u decide u will be ok just have fun with and remember the k.i.s.s method


Welcome to the forum @Kj6879
Best advice if your starting out new? Just KISS
A bunch of great growers on here that will help ya/all of us out.
Good luck on your grow


If you are leaning toward autopots then coco and jack’s is a great selection. I have the XL with springpots. I recommend putting the autopot tray in a containment tray that will fit in the tent to hold overflow mishaps.


Thank you everyone!!! I love this community and all the support! Buying my tent and ac fan tong. Look forward to growing with everyone!

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Jacks 321 is really easy to use and a very cost effective nutrient.


OK! My bank account hates me a lil but here’s where I am at as of today.

Light: HLG 260W XL
Tent: AC Infinity 4x2x6
Inline Fan: Cloudline T6
5 Gallon AC Infinity Fabric Pots
Seeds: ILGM Jack Herer
Natures Living Autoflower Concentrate

On the list to buy:
Fox Farm Coco Loco
AC Infinity Carbon Filter

Things I think I need:
PH & PPM Meter
Small Fans for airflow

I know there is a laundry list of other things I am probably forgetting.


you need the meters and probably a Humidifier

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and the fans lol


Get you some Rocket Fuel soil and Lotus nutrients and a good Ph pen for PH and PPM and you might want to add the autopots , seaweed extract .

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Overdue update!

Got my tent mostly set up, outside of ac infinity sending the wrong controller.

My set up is as follows
Ac infinity 2x4 tent
HLG 260w xl v2 Rspec
Ac infinity cloudline t6 and carbon filter
Nature’s living soil
Fox Farm Happy Frog
Ilgm jack herer autos