Yet another: are my plants ready yet?

Seems like a very popular topic here! I’ll throw my hat in the ring: what do you all think? I’m noticing clear, milky, and amber on the same buds in some cases. These pics taken from top buds of 2 different plants. Sorry for some of the blurriness; I didn’t want to cut any of the buds off so these are freehanded.


Think these are ready for their flush and pre-harvest darkness? They are just about 7 weeks into flower (50/50 hybrid, strain is LSD).

Thanks as always!

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Still have a lot of clears, I go another week at least, if in doubt always go another week.


Do you have a pic of the whole plant?

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Yeah; always show a shot of the whole plant and one representative cola in natural (white) light.

I snip a tiny piece from several locations, making sure to sample flower and not leaf. That all goes into the kitchen on the table with a white piece of paper under it and I can set the otoscope up on a stand and take all the pics I want.

Ah sorry! Totally forgot. Here’s a few pics of the whole garden and several closeups. Ive been hesitant to clip any flowers because this is my first grow in 10 years and I don’t think the yield will be very high, so I don’t want to waste any.


The breeders recommend 8-9 weeks of flower for this strain. I’m not an indoor grower, but I would wait a week, as per @Hellraiser suggestion, and then follow with flush and light dep.

No! Please don’t harvest yet. You’ll be so much happier and stoneder if you just wait a bit you’ll read varied opinions but I always wait until 50% amber 50% milk.

Ps. The hairs are a good indicator as well my friend. Wait until they are 80% red. They are still white and juicy but if you wait they will burn up, turn red and the buds will swell even more.


By the way looks f****** amazing :+1:

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Thanks @Hellraiser @Shyguy420 @Growyourown for all the advice! I’ll give it another week or two. In the meantime, I’ll start flushing with plain pH’d water and getting rid of the not-bud-related fan leaves.

And thanks for saying that @Shyguy420! I’m nervous about this one since I haven’t grown in a decade, but I’m excited to see how they turn out.


I would leave the big fan leaves on, unless they are brown and dying. These are what’s feeding your buds.

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Oh okay. I had read here that many people do it a week prior to harvest. I thought it sounded odd, but there’s still so much I don’t know I figured I must have missed something. :slight_smile:

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That late in flower the plants don’t need as much light as they did. You can see a bit of bleaching on some colas but you’ve got 3 weeks or so to go IMO. You’re showing a P deficiency so maybe list your feeding regimen along with some runoff numbers? TDS and PH both.


Yeah looks like they still got a while, I’d keep feeding them til they look more done, still got some fattening time.

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I was going to say 3 to 4 weeks and as usual, @Myfriendis410 beat me to the response. But I was distracted by the neighbor. :crazy_face:


Where do you see the bleaching? I didn’t know that was a thing. I’d love to see it in the pics so I can look out for it in the future. Do you recommend lifting the lights up higher to avoid it? This light isn’t dimmable.

Definitely agreed on the P deficiency. I figured that out a few weeks back and upped the nutes to try to counteract. I don’t think it’s enough yet though.

Feeding regimen is General Organics GO nutes. Currently 75% nutrient strength (from back of box) in 4.5L of water every other day using Bloom (2.5mL / L), CaMg+ (1.25 mL / L), and Bud (0.625 mL / L). I follow each feeding with an additional 3L of plain pH’d water.

Medium: Soil (indoors, fabric pots)
Solution pH: 6.1-6.3
Solution TDS: ~420 (no joke :smile:)
Runoff pH (as of 2 wks ago): 6.2-6.5 depending on the plant
Runoff TDS (as of 2 wks ago): ~390-400

I’ve been hesitant to have a higher solution TDS since the leaves are seriously curling already. I only realized a few weeks ago that I’ve probably been underfeeding them this whole time, even though they didn’t show any nute deficiencies at all until 2 weeks into flower.

Remember when the plant forms flowers, she will turn into a nutrient and water hog. As least my plants do. :+1:

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Thanks 4 that! I turn little off :sunny:

You could bump it up to 600 or so for a couple of weeks and focus heavily on P over K as a finisher. Do a good flush and when your flush TDS drops below 250 ppm or so you could harvest.

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I could try that. I just mixed nutes for 7.5 L at 75% of what the box says and it’s only 386 PPM. I could add more at the same ratios until it’s around 600 although that would put it above their recommendations. Think that’s okay?

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I don’t know enough about their line to be definitive so add the caveat: no higher than manufacturer recommends.

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