Yescom 5-Stage 50 GPD Water Filter System Reverse Osmosis Filtration


just not a problem friend , if you get one .take picts and pm me and ill wak, i mean Walk you thru it lol… one step at a time one pict at a time when done youll laugh at how easy it is …Hammer


It’s funny cause I’m sure you absolutely correct Hammer buddy , but soon as I get better days I’ll start the process .


At first I thought RO water and the decent price of the system looks like a good investment… But when i see the water waste of a system plus cost of filters (not too bad mind you)… Atm im using zero water… Filter price about the same… May not get 100 or so gallons before need replacement filter.
These produce zero or very low tds… So when you consider water (bill) waste cost what is the advantage to RO?


@BrockSamson .a couple of thing’s to keep in mind …how low of a ppm level is acceptable to you …0- 50 ppm. next high or low pressure system … , waste water .ive found it in 3 forms …1 to 1 ratio 1-2 ratio and 1-3 ratio the second number is waste water product … more to come … Keep in mind some but maybe not all … figure the life of the membrane , for instance is 50 GPD product water , @ 1000ppm …so if my water is 1000 ppm and i make 50 GPD useable x 365 = 18,250 per year of product water . that 40.00 us Membrane just got cheaper … And if i use only 1/4 ---- 4562.50 gallons a year ,my membrane last for 4 years … Sincely… Hammer


Yes i was thinking you likely get more mileage out of your RO filters and less work once set up than my making a gallon @ a time with my water pitcher after dozens of gallons im still at 003 ppm. But im growing for one I dont need much.

Even 1:1 waste seems alot to me, hmmm could or would you route waste to like your hot water tank…can you recycle the waste?


A couple things. RO unit is for cleaning the water of salts and metals. (You know that). What makes RO valuable is the fact that it allows you to know exactly what is being fed to your plants.

I never left my wastewater valve open all the time. It was explained to me that you used this waste line to flush the unit occasionally. With this valve closed I was able to filter water to less than .1ppm. Maybe I am wrong but, that is how I used mine.

Filters should last way beyond 100 gallons.

Finally; You said you did not need much; So you won’t waste much; In my estimation. :slight_smile:
Happy growing! lw


@BrockSamson .you could ,But I dont recommend it …the salts and such that are discharged are much higher then normal ,thus adding to mineral build up in your water heater ,shorting it’s life … it’s usually dumped via standard house plumbing under sink 1 1/2’ line or into the washing machine drain …Hammer


Late wood you may have a good point there .on the one i purchased it came ( installed ) with a flow restrictor.And by pass flush valves …Mmmmm I wonder if the diff to operate With out said things ,could be the ppm count to start with ? If so this could help some , get great water at a better price if they have to pay water utilities … :wink: Hammer