Yescom 5-Stage 50 GPD Water Filter System Reverse Osmosis Filtration


This is a frikkin’ awesome deal on a complete RO system.


Might need to buy this gadget just for better drinking water , the plants can get rain water !!!


i probably spent more than needed but i like it out put 200plus gpd and so far ppm is holding at 5ppm …the girls are just luving it , coffee taste better, PH is acting well very easy to balance and maintain …Inow use way less down . to acheve effect …

first pict of the girls is 6/1 the second is 6/4


Awesome! I hope you bought it from Amazon. Helps keep the forum alive! :slight_smile:


AWESOME ROOTS!!! :D… :slight_smile: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sorry ill be taking the 3rd and 5th on that one …wish i had …iam finding that amazon is generally better on shipping :slight_smile:


7days later


i have to make the camera take smaller picts haha …will post soon .in the last 24 hours my girls just consumed 140 ppm out of the solution , and they show it post picts tomarrow … hammer … latewood thanx for the nudge in to the R.O. direction …:sunglasses:


ok hope the camera got the point on smaller picts lol …

this was taken on 6-14-16.Hammer the second photo was taken on 6-5-16 JUST 9 days earlier…


Great job. Nice grow. Nice grow room, nice roots…Maybe I should take lessons form you, LOL :slight_smile:


In regards to Amazon. I have always found the best deals on Amazon and Ebay. Sometimes you have to do vigilant research to make sure you are getting what you need but, you cannot beat the price. I have been doing this for 12 years and the protection buyers get from these 2 esales giants is worth the extra effort. I cannot afford to go buy a pimp or lights locally; Price is out of range.

Either way, I hope you enjoy your new RO system. :slight_smile:


Thank You . coming from you this means a lot …:smile: these results are a combo of thing’s the status of the recent law changes in my state. have allowed me to be comfortable ordering online the more modern equipment i have recently purchased this year …At a VERY reasonable rate thanx AMAZON and EBAY . thanx to strong genetics ILGM and AMS, these girls survved many problems … AND MOST OF ALL thanx to Latewood,MacGuverstoner and Garrigan and the whole ILGM forum with out these folks id be still limping along . looking for strains resistant to hard water prob’s using this or that to counter mand problems instead of fixing them… SORRY IAM GUSHING over the compliment LOL Hammer …:sunglasses:


Latewood one more thing . am running low on the A&N connoisseur. and wanting to up grade. you posted that you liked DutchMaster , the ones i saw in the nutrient section of the forum you mentioned on amazon look different than the one i saw there … the one iam referring to are the gold series i believe … so my Question is this witch one is the new and improved?? and witch one would you choose ?? also last , if you were to use one or two of their add on’s what would they be ???


I use Dutchmaster Advance A + B, (Grow and Flower formulas, perspectively. Gold is newer, more expensive and you use more of it. I like Adnvance better!

I also use Zone, Silca, and MAX. All of these used to be in black bottles. NOw the new Zone, znd Silica comes in a gold bottle.

Get the best deal you can and do not worry about the color of the bottle.

OK. I went to the buyers guide and every link goes to exactly what I use.
I buy 1 Liter bottles of Grow (green cap), I buy 5 Liter of Flower (red cap). You may not want to go this big at 1st but, it is a better deal for 5 Liter. I only buy 1 Liter of Grow because, you do not use as much.

Zone I use 3ml per 4 gallons (a standard 5 gallon bubbler holds 4 gallons), I use 7ml of Silica, and a TBS of Max. So you see you use very little of these 3 additives, so the 1 Liter lasts a long time.

Happy growing! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah…I forgot. Awww Shucks :blush:


Latewood i hope you catch this and can further assist me please … i have tried to order the above mentioned nutes . From Amazon . but cant find any that will ship to Alaska. i can get ,zone .silica and max for flower .but no base nute tried ebay next but they don’t have anything in the flower range but part B in 5 L… was talking to a grow shop in AK and they mentioned flora nova by GH . and if you would use flora nova ,What add on’s would you use …need to know soon as id have to order them . and iam down to 2 weeks of connoisseur nute’s left. and want to ver away from Avance nutriant’s products … OR would you recommend something else that i may order or get local ??? Thanx for your time in this … Hammer ps . il check to see if i can get it in the gold in 5L


Zone and Silica, and Max can be used with any system Most companies sell their own versions. Tell your local store to get some Damn Dutchmaster! :smiley: LOL

Nothing wrong with Flora Nova Man, that is a bummer. If you can find Gold, use it until you find advanced down the road. Actually; If you buy the Gold, you will be fine.

Let me know what you end up with. Since I have posted in this topic, I get an email when you post.


THANKS for the reply .had to go to the city doc app, so went to the grow shop ened up going with " FOR NOW" unless you say diff then ill reinvest … But i got Flora nova Bloom 4-8-7 And Diamond nectar , one quart each its 0-1-1 and i ordered Advance zone . ,Amazon pause to take a left for a moment but all the advance and the gold and even A&N connisouer BLOOMS have been drying up …Mainly Bloom Formulas … for instance , on amazon and ebay a lot of bloom formulas are back ordered But the Grow formulas are available …? -? -? …any way if yor gonna need it soon and can get it DO SO. back to subject . the flora nova i bought was 30.00 per QRT or 90.00 a gal . But is single part … ?? And yes i Asked about the hyd shop about ordering … advance . said they could SPECIAL Order it lmao …i get it cheaper and faster from Amazon . they don’t have the distship for that line …will wait and get it as it becomes available .saved to puter your full recommend . so ill get when can . also got the MAX coming as well ,so when the base nutes come available A&B Grow & bloom ill have the requirements. sorry going off course . long trip .and iam burning it and likeing a vodka and soda .lol do you like or not flora nova single part ?? and diamond nectar as a boost for now …?? later will be watching for reply a friend Hammer .


I have not used the one part but,if you follow the directions, you should be fine. I prefer Gh 3-part because; I learned on it. Wither way, GH is a good brand and you can learn due to the simplicity.

I have been planning a hydroshop for our members for a year or so. I am currently attempting to contact an established friend of mine in the hydro business. If I can. You will never have to search for DM, or GH or Botanicare products ever again.

Have fun with your new nutrients. I always have been excited when I started a new nutrient program.


I Have but one last question on this product if you can inform me , is it considered an organic or chemical as in the 3 part … And ps please keep me informed of the progress on the hydro shop … defiantly interested … Sincerely hammer