Yes! The lights are stretching, it's practical Magic!


Wow! I’m digging the nutes and new light, ty @Countryboyjvd1971. Great suggestions. I have a question, of course, I know the cob light doesn’t have the blues and red LED’s will it help to keep the little 45 watt in with the Cobb light? Ok, feeling a bit better about this plant now. Ty all who’s helping me learn how. @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 @Aolelon there’s more. You know who you are. Photo’s attached if you wanna see



The new growth is coming along fine. Now are you going to get another light for vegg and flower?


You can add the led if you want. What kind of LED bulb is it? Cobs have a lot of blue and red spectrum in them so it should cover it. But it never hurts to have more light, unless of course it’s the wrong light. For bulbs though they are usually recommended fo be kept a little closer than COBs, to get maximum effect. But I’m sure keeping it around the same height as your COB will be fine. But yes looking great!


@garrigan65 I was using the one below. It worked some. I do have the low 45 watt blue and red led. Will that work? This is what I have

The first one I bought was this one

What cha think??


Oh Ok I thought you said it didn’t have red or blue. But I’ll let @Countryboyjvd1971 handle the lighting part…ok But you are doing a great ob…keep it up thumb



@garrigan65 ty so much, happy Friday! :seedling:


If you’re going in to flower I would add it. It will help for sure the spectrum of those is good for helping to produce flowers. Make sure it is 12/12 as well.


@Jamie1234 I am using the same lights. They work great this is my second grow with them. I haven’t the need to ad additional lighting but I am running 4 of these lights.



Your welcome, and @Smokin_ernie
Just took care of your lighting question. Thank you Ernie


I do what I can to help! No worries


I know you do and sometimes It’s nice to know it’s appricated.


Thanks buddy! I do appreciate it


Any time my friend any time.


Its a full spectrum light @Jamie1234 which means it has all the spectrums needed you just can see the red and blue light with your eye
My pleasure :innocent: glad its working out for you