Yellowish leaves


I was wondering if it was okay to remove a few lower fan leaves? I have a few that appear to be naturally, slightly, fading to yellow that are on the bottom of my plant and I was wondering if it was safe to take them off or if I should leave them? I’m in my beginning of third week of flower. Thanks for your time.


do you have a pic @neckNflu?
i keep everything cleaned out under canopy as far as dead/dis-colored leafs not getting enough light…
hope this helps you.


I do what @BIGE does. I would remove them if they are on the bottom. You don’t want dead leaves hanging around. Remember that the fan leaves are the main source of energy so don’t cut too many.



Yes it’s ok to remove . Your plant is in it’s final stage of it’s life cycle and she will start using up it’s nutrients it has stored up and that’s where you’ll start seeing yellowing leaves. So ya go and remove them .

Will joint


Thank you @BIGE, @Smokin_ernie, and @garrigan65. I appreciate the advice and help. I thought I recalled that you could cut some of the leaves off when they do yellow. I know to definitely leave 99% of them on, especially late in to flower when the girls start to use their stored nutes, etc. I wanted to double-check. I was starting to doubt myself when I was in there and looking at it whether I should be removing any or not. Sort of like every little bit helps by keeping them on :slight_smile: thank you all very much.