Yellowish Brown spots rapidly Appear

Hi I have never posted in a forum before. I could use some advice tho. I am new to this. I have 1 Purple Punch auto from Barney’s Farm and a Northern Light Blue Auto from Delicious Seeds growing. They are 10 days old and we’re doing great with a minor growth stunt. Then I got these spots. The soil meter says 7 ish but the runoff water after a just water feed was 4.83. I am using General Organics nutes. Always pH checked after it’s mixed. Please any help would rock.

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Welcome to the forum, what soil?

It’s Fox Farm Ocean Forest.

Stop using nutes. That soil is going to have plenty of nutes in it to last most of the grow. What are you using to test ph?

I have a digital pH meter and I have one of those dual probe soil meters, lol. Also have the pH up and down and the testing kit that comes with it. My soil is 6.8.

Those dual (moisture/ph) probes are pretty useless. The moisture probe works ok if you keep it clean. It’s a good tool to learn what the pot weight should feel like when it’s dry. You can rip off the ph probe if you want. That’s going to tell you the soil is 7 no matter what. The 4 ph runoff reading is concerning but your plants aren’t showing that. Check your calibration on that meter