Yellowing tips on new growth

Plants are outdoor in fabric 10gal pots in a mix of peat compost pearlite and limestone
They have been putting on good growth and most looks quite healthy but one of my plants has developed some yellowing of the tips on the newest growths and a sort of lightening from the tips inward on the upper fan leaves. I’ve been feeding a liquid grow fert and just worked up to a full strength feed a few days ago. We have also been hit with a bit of a heat wave, temps in the low 30’s with humidity into the 40s. I’m not sure of the reasoning behind the problem as it only seems to be one plant affected. Any

suggestions are appreciated

Canoeing or curling of the leaves could be heat related or from too much watering.

With the yellowing of the edges I’d go with the heat, keep an eye on them to make sure this doesn’t stunt the new growth. If it goes from yellowing to browning then I’d be worried

New growth will always be a bit lighter in color compared to the established part of the leaf.

Have you begun nutrient feeding and if so what have you added?

Could also be light related, are they getting full sun? Is the one in question being shaded by the others?


Maybe not enough watering, light? Those are the general problems of yellowing on the plants


I think overall your plant looks good . You mentioned full-strength on your nutes. I would back off a little on the full strength and watch your new growth. Nice plant good luck.

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They are all getting full sun feeding a grow Nute from a local shop 5ml/L I’ll try backing off on the feed and just keep an eye on them to see if they get anyworse the plant still seems to be growing fine just hase been one hell of a hot week

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