Yellowing then burnt tips


Any thoughts on this?
Have tried raising the PH from 6.0 to 6.5 for a week three feedings total with my standard nutrient mix and adjusting the lights from 40" to 48" (1000w each 18/6). Still seeing this on new growth. Entering the 4th week, 1 week from flower schedule (12/12)


Looks like beginning signs of heat stress
Possibly even nitrogen deficient. If it’s nitrogen deficient flush it with Epsom salt and start giving her half the nurients you were while slowly increasing her doses once a week until you get back to what you were giving her, as for heat stress, maybe get a fan that blows a little more air to keep cooler temps


I’m inclined to agree does look like heat stress I still would want you to give me few more details before I rule out anything else :slight_smile:
What are your temps high and low?
What’s your humidity highs and lows?
Have you tested run off ph or is this a hydro grow?


Hey thanks for the help here @Donaldj lol


I don’t think it’s nitrogen if he’s in soil and watering a 6 ph for long time would most likely be the first signs of being P lock out the purpling in some of the stems contorted leafs. The cupping makes heat stress low humidities high on my list too but want to rule out a lockout first since they are far nastier and damage would be worse than appears atm :wink:


You do prove a good point my friend, and that’s why I through out the heat stress idea again thanks for your help here buddy :smile:


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Hi toker,
I’m leaning towards heat/light stress as well, needed to throw this out to the forum for input, thank you for your reply.

I’ve been using the same nutrient/feeding recipe for awhile now the only thing that has changed is I introduced
these new Nanolux DE (double ended) 1000w fixtures to the garden for this run. They are killer
but they are way more intence than I ever expected!

I’m growing in a 75/25 mix of coco and perlite so there’s also a chance of potassium toxicity caused by the transplant into the coco. There’s an abundant of potassium in that coco which would lock out the calcium. I’ve seen this before in other gardens. Was also considering calcium or copper deficiency but those girls are not showing any other symtoms but that chart confirms excess potassium would effect the nitrogen and calcium! As I mentioned I increased the PH to 6.5 for a week and I didn’t see any improvement.

Could you attach the link for those two charts, would love to have a copy the one with the trees doesn’t zoom up so well.

Would like to reply to Donald, thank you for your input as well!

Temp average is 80º high 82.4 low 71.9
Humidity average (currently mid 4th week) 50% high 79 low 43
PH res 6.0 runoff 6.5 (last nights feeding)
PPM res 1130 runoff 1310
CO2 1500
There’s (1) oslating fan per light fixture and enough air flow to cool hells kitchen, plus (2) can 150’s with max fans scrubbing 24/7. So I don’t think it’s heat perhaps just light stress?


Look up Jorge Cervantes charts in Google images that’s where I found it


I believe you can find this in Bergman’s free down loadable grow bible :sunglasses:


Hi Harvey how long have you been using coco?
It is my understanding Coco is 100% soil less and needs and should be treated like hydro with ph lvl’s the works. I can have a few others confirm this if you wish but your PH should be between 5.5-6.1 with 5.8 being the sweet spot.


I don’t think so I read the whole thing and it wasnt there :wink:


sorry , thought it was their . maybe on the site some place??? but have seen this chart full page in good detail , will scout around .if you find a good copy the detail can really help in solving probs. if not he bible then this site pretty sure .maybe a forum search engine in future would be good . happy hunt and peck .


These exact charts are not in the grow bible.

However, there are mentions of the different ways to diagnose things in a similar way in the bible and there is a similar symptom checker in the guides:




you’ve probably already seen this ."not the chart yet but good source… go to guides and go to nutrients good picts , hope this helps, iam still learning the site .


In a word ASSUME .


Yea lmao I was the first one to post that chart, thanks MacG