Yellowing spot on my sprout


@MattyBear i dont understand this plant man it so small at the leaves on it are so small i dont know what im doing wrong here do you have any advice or pointers i mean its growing but it seems like a miniature marijuana plant what is a good distance for the light to be away from the plant?


i see pictures of other people plants on this forum and there leaves are huge for the size of their plants i dont get why this one isnt blossoming out like that


i will take picture of it later on right now its in its dark period


New sprouts should be around 28-32” from the QBs. Then if they start stretching you can lower the light. I will wait for your pic later :v::bear:


ok im going to raise the light when their dark period is over, i believe mine is only about 14 inchs from the plants. thank you ill post pictures around 4:15


@MattyBear here is a picture the little ones i think ive overwatered gotta let them dry out


i raised the light as well


Good call. That should help them stretch out a bit :v::bear:


ok awesome thank you


@MattyBear do you use c02 in your grow room and if so what do you have to emit the c02


I don’t use Co2 in my tents, sorry


Sorry for the gap, all caught up now.

Are you monitoring your PH of your water?
Are the seeds autoflowers? Or photos?

The 2 lower leafs will yellow as they were the first 2 the plant had growing and it happens to most if not all cannabis.


@Nicky yes im monitor the ph of the water its at 7 i feel as though it might be a little to high do you know of way of lowering the ph a bit. i would like to know that one im using water out of the tap it goes through a water softener so its not hard water that comes from the well i dont have city water.


ive been using fox farm grow big as the nutrient right now. but i still think my ph is too high.


would adding vinegar to the water help lower ph


oh and their not autoflower plants just regular fem seeds a gdp and a blueberry


Hi My auto fems start small and then when I give them nuit, fox farm they become huge leaves. I have a real animal now that I have only topped 3 times. I don’t transplant at all. I put them in a 3 gal bucket and they come up just fine. No shock I have one almost ready to cut and one that just started to flower. Hang in there it will get great big leaves and very thick stalk. I love my amensia haze. Keeps me peppy and not hungry.


I also use the water from my dehumidifier. Haven’t seen that anyone else has so don’t know the do’s or dont’s but the ph is 0. My plants are doing well with this method. Please let me know if any of you use this as a water source. Thanks


You can use PH down from your local grow store.
Or you can look up the PH of other things and lower it that way, I prefer just to use a PH down.
Yeah your PH at 7 is a bit to high.

Um… Lol did you mean to start your own thread?
Ps if your PH is 0 your probably killing your plant because we want 5.5-6.5


Sorry I’m fairly new. I thought I was in the conversation not looking for a new thread. I’m very confused. I meant that I add the fox farm to the water from my dehumidifer.