Yellowing spot on my sprout


It takes a little while for them to establish a solid root system before they grow vertically. I think it looks good and I bet it will start growing more noticeably now :v::bear:


ok awesome i was starting to worry a bit because it just seemed so small for how long its been growing but im probably just to inpatient.


thank you again for all your help!!!


what is usually the guideline for when the plant is ready to be put in a bigger pot if you dont mind me asking cause i think what i have it in is a gallon pot.


Either when roots start coming out of the bottom or you see signs of it being root bound.


@MattyBear i messed up bad with the light cycle my timer didnt go off and i didnt check them to make sure berfore i left for work so they have been in the dark almost 12 hrs know did i just destroy everything i turned the light on right away.


Doing it one time won’t hurt anything. Just resume normal light schedule. Do you have a timer?


@MattyBear so should i revert them back to the old time then or have them on a new time from 9 at night till 3 in the afternoon or just revert them back to haveing it on from 4 pm to 10 am? i think the original one right?


Either one would be fine. Just try not to let that happen during flower :wink::v::bear:


@MattyBear the leaves on the bottom of the plant are starting to turn a little yellow i put the new light in there the qb 135 i have that and the mars hydro 300 both running, do you think that it is too much light or maybe because i forgot to turn on the light that day for almost 12 hrs


Have you transplanted to bigger pots yet?


no not yet i think it still too small to do that or do you think i should


I looked up farther and no, your plant is fine in that pot. That is too much light for that size plant. I’d just have one or the other running right now. Have you fed yet? What soil are you in again?


ok i got you too much light im using fox farm dirt light warrior the seed starter


its mixed with some other sterile soil i got from the garden shop by my house


im just going to run the qb 135 then for right now


@MattyBear or should i go back to using the mars hydro that i had them started on even though i think the qb would be better, but i really respect your opinion.


i have used very light nutrients half dose for seedling fox farm ill get the name of it.


Personally I’d use the QB only


ok i will thank you