Yellowing spot on my sprout


I think one qb135 is about the same amount of power consumption as a Mars 300, but it’s a lot more light.

There’s a lot of knock offs available on Amazon right now. Can you link what you’re looking at?


would this be the one to get it says its coming from horticulture lighting group


i went to their site would i want the 3000k or 4000k because it gives two options


I’d go with 3000k for seed to harvest :v:


ok awesome do you have a humidifier in your grow tent mine will only get to about 40 % and you need more for seedlings right?


I don’t run a humidifier but if your humidity is too low you can try hanging a wet towel and have the fan blowing on it to raise humidity until the plant gets more established. If that doesn’t bring RH up enough, you might wanna look into getting a humidifier for the whole room that the tent is in so you don’t take up space in your tent :v::bear:


ok thank you i found a very small humidifier that i bought i put it in my tent until the plant becomes more established its just growing very slowly at the moment but has perked up a lot since the slump over everything is very tight there isn’t a lot of separation between leaves


Try raising your lights up if you want more space between nodes :v:


im going to send some pics


do you think its too tight


im trying to get the stem to thicken up i have a fan blowing on it on low


i had just misted to top layer with a little water its the first time in 4 days was bone dry


or are tight nodes good


Oh, no, those leaves look fine. I’d leave your lights where they were at :v:


ok thank you so much for you help your a god send


i started germinating another blueberry seed today i got one of those kits this time and this this week that 135w qb v2 light should be here.


Nice! Don’t look directly at the light when you plug it in or you’ll be seeing spots for the next 10 minutes lol :v:


lol ok definitely will not lol


hey guys when setting up the qb132 kit should i run it turned all the way up


@MattyBear do you think my sprout is looking alright it seems like it is growing very slowly or does everything seem alright to you im just not sure my qb 135 is supposed to arrive tomorrow but since the last time we talked it hasnt really grown in height the stem has thickened up and its added more leaves to it but how long does it normally take for her to start bushing out and growing taller or am i just being overly paranoid any help would be fantastic, thanks. the plant itself is only about 3 and a half inchs