Yellowing spot on my sprout


what type of lighting setup do you use?


I have an assembly line grow. Four plants in seedling/early veg, four in late veg/early flower, and four in late flower.

Seedling phase I use a 45w LED from Amazon for two weeks. Then they go under a QB304 V1 150w 4K LED until they move to the next phase.

Next it’s into a2x4x5 tent under 4 QB134 240w 3K LEDs for late veg/early flowering.

Last into a 3x4x7 converted shower under a 2 QB288V2 240w 3k LEDs and a 1500w/260w actual draw blurple LED.


where do you get these QB304 V1 150w 4K LED light from


i want to grow two plants and i have a feeling what i have will not be enough


Horticulture lighting group. @dbrn32 is our resident expert on lighting. I know enough to be dangerous.

The 4K lamp is for veg. If you want a seed to flower lamp you want 3 or 3.5k. A QB288v2 135w lamp is probably a little short on ppdf for the tent you note, which is about$200. I got the 2-QB288v2 kit for 300. That would kick butt in that tent. Four QB134s on a 1750 driver would be good too, but that would require you to buy the driver, connectors, power cord, wire and framing. I am about to build one of those for my 2x4x5


do you think i could get away with buying another marshydro 300 watt and using them together in the tent to give them 600 watts of light or maybe a VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower


i just dont have a whole lot of money to invest in this than what i already have im 32 years old and got cancer i just need to find something that will work to grow these babies i cant afford to buy bud anymore with all my bills


Sorry to hear that. I wish you best in your treatment and recovery.

Two of those light would probably be sufficient. Two considerations. It may not give off as much light as the 2-288v2 lamp and it will definitely use more electricity. Over time the electricity savings will outweigh the initial investment, but I totally appreciate your predicament


and i could use the one plus another one of the mars from seedling to bloom?


and basically the 300 watt corn cob light in their is doing nothing


A qb135 kit and your Mars light should do pretty good in your space. Sorry about the bad news, stay positive and kick it’s butt!


i can use the qb135 kit and the mars from seedling to finish?


this qb135 will be good for bloom stage as well?


this will be a better light that the vipraspectra 450 watt?


Yes, all of the above.


ok awesome then that is what i will do i will order one of the QB288v2 135w lamp


I love it when a plan comes together!


I use three of them soon to be four in my grow room and they rock. Do it right the first time and buy one.


i just saw this on amazon its two of the qb 135 lights for 300 should i just buy those and take out the mars hydro one or can i get away with buying just one of the qb kits and the mars hydro even though we covered this i just want the optimal growing environment.


and would two of the qb135s draw less power than running the mars hydro 300?