Yellowing spot on my sprout

This is my first indoor grow i bought a 32 x 32 x 63 inch tent and a 300 watt marshydro light as well as two 60 watt white leds, i usually grow outdoors never had issue like this. my plant is just a baby about two inches tall and it seem to be yellowing on the tips of the leaves is it not getting enough light or maybe too much water. any ideas?

Could you post a picture? How much water and how frequent?

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this is it i had the light up to high when it first sprouted and it streched i think i overwatered it as well so i have the tooth picks holding it up and got the light adjusted right so its no longer growing super high i aslo put some more dirt at the base to try and help support it because it falls over if i dont give it support and i made a makeshift humidity dome to try an help.

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i started another one in fear of this one dieing and put a 9 feit electric grow light about an inch an a half above the soil it just popped and is looking great but inside the tent i have a marshydro 300 watt led and then i bought a 300 watt cob style light that i have now put in there

this is the tent that i have the rh inside is around 58%

and i have a fan in there its not an oscillating one, its just to move the air around.

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More than likely it’s overwatering. Let her dry out before giving more water :v::bear:

awesome thank you thats what im doing i didnt give any water today she seems to be doing better, i misting the soil far too much for it just being a sprout but i got over zealous and wanted to make sure she had lots of water so ill wait a couple days then just mist around the outside of the pot i germinated it in a 2 gallon pot starting out which wasnt a good idea because of how easy it is to over water. thanks again.

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what type of light cycle should i have her on right now ive been doing 18 on 6 off


That’s a fine light cycle for a new plant.

ok im haveing terrible luck here how do you guys start your seedlings i had a blue berry seedling going as well it sprouted looked great i had it in a solo cup with a baggie over the top of it that i had small holes poked in then as soon as i put it in my tent under the grow light keeping the baggie on it slowly died off i think the moisture from the baggie kept the soil way to wet for too long i took the bag off and the leaves seemed to dry up and its pretty much dead. how do you guys get your seedlings going it is so much easier outside.

should i be using only the 300 watt white light led or can i use the 300 watt mars full spectrum for the seedling or how do you guys start your grows the humidity level in my tent is around 50 - 58% i cant get it higher without buying a humidifier and i dont have the money for that at the moment. i cant figure this out or should i be using both of those light for the entire grow. im lost and getting very frustrated.

Personally I start my seedlings off in jiffy pucks that I pour boiling hot water into and once they cool a bit so there just warm I place the seed in just under the mixed up. Peat.
Then I leave them there until they hit the roof of the dome, I don’t water them or anything the RH is so high and the seed has all it needs for 7 days so at day 6 or 7 illl move them if they haven’t already hit the dome.
From there I transplant them into soil in a solo cup and place them in their large pot, the solo cup. Just let’s them grow to their container size while the hole Is already prepped exactly where they will plant just remove the cup.
Again place a dome over it, a large one or just get a 2L pop bottle and cut it in half while. Lifting it off to water.

Starter dome and pucks:AC_SY400
Larger dome and tray:AC_SY400

As for lights would you mind linking them to us so we can see what exactly you have, total shot in the dark but I would say use your mars hydro in veg mode. But you should really be using CFL’s to start your grow they seem to be cheap and Do the best.
You should read some of the grow guides, light has so many variables but you want 6400k for veg and 2700-3500k for flowering, those are the light temperatures. Lumens (how much light is produced) and spectrum Matter as well.

for my light i have a marshydro 300 watt heres the link i bought from amazon i also have a this in there as well

i mean what would you suggest

Hi - I start my seed off soaking in 6.5ph’d tap water for 24-36 hours. Then I put them in sliced solo cups(to facilitate drainage) with the soil I use. Before putting the seeds in the soil is drenched with 5.8ph (my soil is soilless medium which is pH’d at 5.8). I let that sit a bit during the 24-36 hour soaking process so it’s not planted overly drenched. I pop the seeds in and wait. They usually pop out in four days. I usually don’t have to water for at least seven days and I then water to runoff (many won’t recommend this but it has worked for me). I keep them 12 inches from a 45w led so they don’t stretch on 24/0 for about two weeks. Then I transplant and go 18/6

do you keep them in a humidity dome during this period im seeming to have the plant drying out on me even though when i take the humidity dome off the rh is around 55%

i grow in soil

I do not use a humidity dome. I have them in a 2x2x4 tent. I lightly mist inside the enclosure once or twice a day, not directly on the soil.

and thats enough to keep the rh pretty high

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