Yellowing Seedlings

Looking for some advice on my first grow. I have two super skunk auto seedlings that have been doing well, until a couple of days ago when their growth totally stopped.

Small seedling- planted 15th-broke soil the 18th
large wilted seedling - planted the 12th, broke soil the 15th

Soil - Coco Coir
Nutes- Fox farm- have not introduced nutes yet. Was going to wait until day 12 but both plants started yellowing at day 10. Could just be lack of nutrients but I am wanting to make sure
Water- ph tap water, once a day with the occasional mist from a spray bottle throughout the day.
Lights- recently switched to mars 600 led but was running a cfl grow.

I switched to a larger grow tent after my custom box got too hot, 105 degrees due to the fan plug accidentally wiggling out of the timer… I was worried this might be what is affecting the plants. First grow, living and learning.

I have a fan blowing in the grow tent with a temp of 82-4 Degrees and humidity of 31 percent typically.

Both plants are standing on their own just fine but their initial leaves are starting to yellow and it the larger seedling looks like it is starting to shrivel up. Any advice is welcomed

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Hey there…
sometimes they just come up yellow and stay that way. I am harvesting strawberry Kush right now they came up yellow green and stayed that way
Plants and buds seem to have grown normally but the fan leaves are almost all yellow
So let’s bring in the experts and see what they have to say. Quick look at your ticket seems like you are doing a lot of the right things…

I see that your round feeder leaves are turning yellow. This is normal. The function of these round leaves is to provide enough nutrients to the plant until your plant develops a root system. Then the nutes will be taken up through the roots. This is also why you are seeing a stall or slow plant growth is because your plants are establishing there root system. Your plant should not need any nutes until the round leaves fall off or turn totally yellow.

Hope this helps :sunglasses:


@Screen the job of the dicotyledons is to provide food for your plant. As you noted there are no nutrients in the coco.

I’m a soil grower but I think she is gonna need some nutrients in the near future @Donaldj


I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 and @MAXHeadRoom. Once those first feeder leaves yellow up, and since you’re in a medium with no added nutrients, you’re gonna want to get her some food. If you were in soil with added nutrients then plain water. (I know you’re in coco so that doesn’t apply). I’m growing in coco too (3 of my plants are) and I had to start feeding as soon as they dropped the first leaves. Depends on what nutrient line you are using. I’ve found no ill effects from feeding even in the seedling stage with NFTG nute line. The non organic lines are much easier to burn plants with early on. So what I’m saying is it depends on what you’re gonna be feeding with and what medium you use.

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Come on @MattyBear everyone knows my avatar is way better than that slacker @Countryboyjvd1971

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@bob31 My bad Bob!!! They are way to close lol! Can’t go wrong agreeing with either one of you guys!!!

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thank you very much for the quick replies. Ill introduce some 1/8 strength nutes twice a week and keep with what I am doing,

I think you have sound advice and plan going forward if they are indeed hungry you will know within a couple of days if they liked the feed :slight_smile:


Yup I agree @bob31 definitely looks like she hungry and can use a little dose of nutrients
As Donaldj said youll
Inow in a few days

What means of measuring ph are you using? And do you ph your water, to what value? 5.5 to 5.8 is the range for coco.

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@Myfriendis410 you a coco guy
Im using promix bx which has little to no nutrients in it coco is the same way isn’t it
I found with the bx i need to start feeding much earlier then when using a quality organic soil ?
Any thoughts brother?
And is coco the same


My experience is the plants tend to stall out if the correct ph isn’t used- - -with the possible exception of using distilled water for the first week or so.

I don’t feed until the cotyledons yellow and I start at 1/4 strength.

I did experience very rapid growth in media when the ph is correct.

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I agreed with proper ph Brother and use ro water set to proper ph
I have experienced in the promix the need robstary feeding earlier guess you do see that in coco :+1:

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