Yellowing plant

Hi, my EW Auto is 55 days from sprout, under SF2000 - 24" , 18/6, 3 gal plastic pots, in soil, using Boticare nutrients. She is stacking nicely & smells great, but green has faded a lot. I feed nutrients today. Thoughts??

My GDP photo has some yellow fan leaves, thoughts??

I removed yellow & kg. fan leaves. Also readjusted LST ties.


It’s hungry

Ok, that’s a easy fix. I fed them today. Crossing my fingers they start look happier.

The WW AUTO is 55 days old. Are lightening of leaves turning because she’s 8 wks old & almost ready to harvest.

WW Auto pic from 11/111 & she was beautiful green



She is nowhere close to harvest. I’m assuming you means she’s 8 weeks from seedling. The time you measure is from first flower. All your pistils are still white. She needs good bloom nutrients


Welcome to the forum! Like these folks say, shes looking a little hungry and from I understand, the Autos dont act like the photos with fan leaves yellowing during flower stage.
I’m new too but theres plenty of folks to help like @Nicky and @Caligurl here. They know thier stuff

Enjoy and good luck!

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Hi @Caligurl you are right. My WW auto is in darkness & I plan to chop Tuesday.

Here’s today’s pics

Her pistils are browning & curling, trichomes are cloudy & some amber.
Thanks& happy growing


How did your plants turn out?