Yellowing on young plants

Very carefully…lol
No thats easy. Just put the plant between your fingers and tip your pot upside down and tape the bottom.
But first make sure that you have your other pots ready with soil and one other thing get a gal of water andnput two or 3 cap fulls of Hydrgen Peroxide and one cap full of liquid Thrive and stir it go and soak your hole where the seedlings go’s. Ok and have a cup of plain water.
Now when you have your seedling out of the pot gently remove the soil from around the roots but do it gently and
you 'll be fine if there is any soil left on the roots simply put the roots in the cup of water they should rinse off just fine and stick her in her new home cover with soil and give her some more of that water and your good to go.

I know it sounds like a lot but once you do the first one you’ll know theres not muchnto it

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Yes. Its really not hard at all. Some kinda rooting hormones or mykos or as @garrigan62 referred to Thrive would go miles towards helping her and ur piece of mind. But not mandatory. Just be VERY careful. Turn her over. Maybe squeeze the sides of her pot. It’ll come out. (Hold her by the base of her stem close to the dirt. Gently but firmly)

Its almost natural. She may show a bit of stress. But thats what the aforementioned products are for. Ease the change.

Ive had all kinds of HORRIBLE transplants with no extra helpers. Once dropped the whole plant. Another time the ball of dirt exploded and coverd my girl. Another broke her stem at the base. None of those plants died from the translant lol.

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Thanks alot guys I will go get that stuff tomorrow, also are there bad choices for what kind of pot you are growing in.

Fabric pots are the new craze n for good reason. Great for a plants root zone. And hard to overwater… well harder then ceramics

That’s what the hydogen peroxide and liquid thrive is for to help the plant so that it wont stress so mush if at all

Plenty of that around here. I will make sure to add to my next transplant. Thanks man

I dought very much if Lowes or Walmart carry cloth pots i would just stick with what you have for know and we will lead you to other stuff later as your seedlings grow

I think ours carries them in a 5 pack of 5 and 7 gallons

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Please keep us posted on how things go and remember just tag me if you need some support ok

Thank you both, I will update after I do the transplant😎

I decided to go with a different approach, I am going to give the hempy bucket a try on half my grow.

Hempy bucket? Whats that? And cool. Can u post pics when u get done?