Yellowing on young plants

Hi I am a 1st time grower here, I recently got an indoor tent with a 1500 watt LED full spectrum light, I am using Miracle Grow Moisture control, with a little Sphagnum peat moss enriched with miracle grow, a few of my plants have started getting yellow on them, should I be worried? Any help would be awesome!!

I’m more worried about the dark color on the big leaves. What nutes are you giving it? Well first of all please tell me you are not giving it nutes. Almost looks like toxicity to me. A little yellow in New leaves has been normal in my experience. Part of me thinks I remember negative remarks about using miracle grow so I will be curious to hear what the other have to say.


Most beginner’s offen start off using the wrong soil to start with. And what you are using is one of them. It’s to high in N P. K
There is one thing youbcan do at this point is get some soil made for seedlings only. And yes MG makes one cause I use it myself. Mix that with your other admenments and you’ll be fine. If you need h
Elp when you transplant them justntag me like this @garrigan65 san i’ll be there to help. Ok


I thought miracle grow was a no no. Glad @garrigan62 was here before something bad happened.

It is if you don’t read the back of the bag. As a grower we all know that seedlings require no nutrients MG does make a soil very very low in nutrients and if you mix it with other admenments like he is doing it will lessen the NPK

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Good to know. I am a hydro grower so I know nothing about soil except what I have read. But it definitely looks like N toxicity to me with those dark leaves. Global Ambassador is a bad ass title btw haha.

It’s nutrient burn. And if he doesn’t get them out of that soil it’s over.

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Ok so I’m gonna go buy some soil in the morning, what brand does Walmart or Lowe’s sell because there are no other stores around my area. What else besides soil should I buy that 1 of those 2 stores would carry? Sorry for all the questions but I want to do everything right with the soil.


How long have you been in hydro?

2nd grow. I did DWC first time around then just built a RDWC system for my blue pack grow. I’m a noob

Oh ok just woundering thats all…lol

Yea I tagged you on my noob journal @garrigan62. Lol

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Just look for a ‘starting soil’ read the back for nutritients and make sure its under 1. Like nitrogen - 0.0500. Phosphy - 0.0400. Etc etc. something weak and unattractive lol. They are seedlings and only need to be babied for about a solo cup/ 1 gallon pot worth of dirt (for baby roots to grow through)

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Im outta likes as usual. But i see you met the G man. Haha. Badd a** title. Loads of knowledge.

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That’s why I tagged him on my grow in case I need rescuing haha.

U tag him when u need rescuing too :joy:

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This is what you get and your plants will love you for it.

Miracle Gro Potting Mix
N= 0.06 P= 0.02 K= 0.04
That will be on the back bottom left of the bag

2nd. Get some Worm Castings your plants cant get enough of this stuff and it will not harm your plants so throw it in there but don’t over do it cause it is costly…lol
And thats it

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I always forget castings. Sorry we clutterd ur thread man. I gotta stop doing that

How do you take the plant out of the current soil to transfer it without damaging it?

No clutter away but how do you transfer it out of its current soil without transplanting lol