Yellowing on stem and leaf please help



I have a couple of plants in my tent that have yellow powder on them. Mostly on the stem of the leaf. It’s NOT white like powder mildew. And my plants are NOT in flower so it’s not pollen. Anyone have any ideas? PLEASE HELP !




@HogMaster And @Countryboyjvd1971


Maybe @WillyJ know a treatment for that


I’ve never seen this before, I’m set to watching to learn the diagnosis, if any.



Trust me i’em on it. And i will fix it.



It’s maybe rust @garrigan65 @Bigboy_c

So a fungi treatement may be the solution, like powder sulfur or with a sulfur burner or copper spray

Hope this help Will, my friend :grinning: :wink: And welcome to ILGM forum Bigboy_c

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Or maybe the tobacco mosaic virus


Cant you post a little more info on your grow
Set up what tyoe of set up are you in
I had Garrigan move you to your own thread so we can assist you better hope you sint mind