Yellowing of leaves

hi there .
if got another problem.
it’s hydro outside .the last couple of weeks leaves turning yellowish .
it is a clone . not shure of age

I will send pic soon …

I have flushed it for 5 days .because

I may of mucked up the budgrow mix

Hey there @tripper,

I cant tell if you’re asking a question or not, but it looks as if she’s very hungry for nutrients. Flushing does not require days, as you’re just cleansing the media, or changing the water. I would return to feeding her normally.

Good luck and happy growing :slight_smile:


thankyou very much

I have returned to .normal feed.
but it seems to be getting worse
pls help.

It will probably take some time to see recovery. You will in all likelihood lose a bunch of leaves but will start new growth as well.

Hi there @tripper,

Please fill out a completed support ticket so members can help.