Yellowing of leaves in bloom

Hello ILGM!
I have been all over the internet and through tons of threaded trying to figure out what excatly is going on with my SODK auto’s.

Magnesium Deficiency? Calcium Deficiency?

Maybe to much nitrogen? I did transplant these autos right before bloom to 5 gallon pots into some fresh FFOF because I was worried the 1 gallon pots I had them in were to small.

Thanks for taking the time with a noob. Any help would be greatly appreciate. image|375x500

Are these autos? How long have they been flower/bloom?

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Just looks like normal leafs dying off. If anything you may need to back off the nitrogen a touch as you’ve got some clawing going on.


Yes, these are autos and started flower 12/11

Lower canopy leaves that are in the shade are usually the first ones to go.

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PH of water going in? What lights are you running? (very high intensity can demand additional cal mag as well as overall increase in nutes). FFOF should be pretty high in N which is what you are deficient in right now and yes; lower leaves will yellow first. I am not really a big fan of deficiencies in flower and rather provide everything they want to be happy all the way to the end.

I would also do a soil slurry test in case your soil PH balance is off (it does happen), just to verify you aren’t locking out available nutrients.

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PH going is close to 6.4- 6.7 majority of the time. The lights are TS 1000 over each plant and about 16 inches over the canopy. I will check the run off Sunday to make sure the PH isn’t off. Thank you MyFriend.

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