Yellowing of leaves end of veg

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-ILGM super skunk photo feminized
-pro mix bx
-outdoors zone10
-xtreme nutrients for veg getting ready to switch to bloom feeding every 2-3days no plain water
using cal mag too with flora kleen and enzymes also.
-I just noticed on one plant the yellow leaves.Can this be from too much nutes?They call for 1000ppm but im around 700 because it seemed a little hot when I switched from miracle grow to extreme.Should I just trim off and not worry about it or make some adjustments?
-watering around 6.5-6.8 ph

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I honestly wouldn’t worry about lower leaves at this point in the grow. Plants look good. I tried SS in the past. Wasn’t the producer I was looking for. Maybe it was just me.

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Looks like a PK deficiency, when will your hours of darkness start changing to less daylight? Transitioning from veg to flower, they’ll need less nitrogen and more potassium and phosphorus :love_you_gesture:

Yeah these arent the best.Im sure most of the problem is me learning but im also doing the same batch inside with mixed results.

We never really get 12 hours of light.Maybe 7 or 8 would be more like it.Where I have them out of view is behind a hedge and that takes away a few hours also.It appears they just flip on their own outside.Funny thing is the ones in the tent are so much further along.Im thinking maybe another month to go and outsides just starting to button.But inside theyre getting 3/4 turned up on a hlg diablo scorpion.outside and inside same seeds same start date.


You control the flower start with photos. The switch from 18/6 to 12/12 light schedule for indoor and for outdoors…that’s up to Mother Nature and the timing of the grow.

Yes.I understand that is the way it works.Its just amazing the difference between the two.The ones inside were also started with the others outside.It looks like months difference between the two.

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Gotcha, different environmental variables I guess??

Yup.Shows the difference with true 12 hours of light versus waiting on mother nature.

Still struggling with temp and rh inside.Probably just going to ac the whole room for more control.This started as let try this seed I got from the dispensary outside to thousands of dollars moving inside.Probably should have just thrown down all the loot at once versus piece mealing it together but make room for mistakes to be figured out I guess…?

Sounds very familiar and the struggles are real :love_you_gesture:

No kidding!!! I definitely am enjoying it with all the issues.Ive broken some branches here and there,had one go hermie so ive sampled some of it.Way better than the dispensary without a doubt.Hopefully the nutes I went with are good.So many choices out there.

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2nd year growing indoors and a huge learning lesson!! I’m have to constantly remind myself to keep it simple, less is more or better etc. some of my short comings was insufficient lighting, nutrients and an understanding of PH and TDS. I’m pretty much cruising now with HLG lighting and Jacks nutrients. I’m still old school with all my equipment manually adjusted. Summer months are the worse if your lung room is un-conditioned with trying to keep optimum conditioning inside your grow space :love_you_gesture:

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Im still old school too.No need for extra issues.I called jacks and they seemed to only want to test my water no sell anything.They do get a lot of positive feedback but when i asked that my tds was already at 750(well water) Wanted to check before filters and after,so 100 bucks went to extreme instead.she would not even answer if that would or wouldnt work so when I went to extreme he said NO WAY without hesitation.So now im bringing in water.Things will get easier when I figure things out better.I think if I mix 50/50 well ,ro I would be fine since that was the girls diet since seed.I believe there is minerals that could be useful.My problem was salt intrusion but these guys like epson salt so…?

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Good deal, I know a few growers mixing they’re :poop: tap with RO :love_you_gesture:

For me I get 5 gallons of ro or similar for 1 dollar so its not about the money I have to go there anyhow for cooking water and ice.

well having a few issues with all this extra stuff to add in nutes and everything else .Everything came to a halt.I tried a flush today and going back to far away from add this add that.It worked outside with mg,so back to mg and high price nutes to the back shelf!Their gonna die one way or the other.

Can you send me you nutrient line and Medium? No need to go with MG :love_you_gesture:

Too much junk to fiddle with.Im going back to less issues.Im not a chemist and neither was anyone else since this has been discovered.

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the flower fuel is new.I might just use that and thats it…live or die…