Yellowing of leaves. Day 55 blueberry autoflower

Should I be concerned about the yellowing of these leaves. I know its natural for the bottom leaves to yellow during mid to late flower but it seems to be more pronounced on only one of the girls.


I’m a beginner so I can’t offer much help but my guess is that it’s too soon into flowering to have those yellow leaves or at least I’ve never had them that early. What kind of soil? Lights? Nutrients? Do you measure ph? Can you take a soil slurry test for ph of soil?

I’m growing in living soil. A mixture of 1lb Natures Living Soil autoflower concentrate to 5 gal of toots organic original. I have only watered with PHd water to about 6.2/6.5. The only extra I’ve given them is fish shined mixed into the water, and compost tea I get from the local hydro joint. 6ml of fish shit per gal, and I usually half and half water and compost tea. I have not added any nutrients and when I water I do not water to run off. My temps are between 74/80 and humidity I’ve been decreasing to end up around 40% as I get deeper into flower. Its 45%ish now.

My light is a full spectrum 6 cob 300 true w led light that came with my tent kit. Only 1 plant has this issue though.

Looks like she could be deficient in nitrogen. You seem to be early into flower, try giving her a little nitrogen boost. I don’t know to much about living soil, so I’d wait for the experts to chime in

Good luck happy growing :+1:

Yea, because I’m in living soil, I’m not sure what to do, or if I should do anything. It’s at day 55 and it’s only supposed to go 75/85 days so 3ish weeks left. So I should be in 4th or 5th week of flower. Could it just be naturally finishing up?
Ilgm says 8 weeks of flower Although I know sometimes they take longer than stated.

i would top dress it with some organic dry ammendments mixed with some earthwork castings… looks like it has quite a way to go before finish to me…

According to natures living soil, the concentrate I have for making the living soil can be used as top dressing. Should I do this on just the plant that’s showing this deficiency or all 4 that I have going? I only ask because they have all had the same treatment, but shes the only one that’s tweaking.

i would focus on the one with the issues at the moment and avoid doing a full dose … too much N right now wouldnt be so great

Awesome!! Thank you for the help.
If I covered my top soil with sand to combat fungus gnats, can I just sprinkle some on top of the sand right before my next watering? Or do I have to move the sand and put it right onto the soil? Lol maybe over thinking it.

i would work it into the top of the soil then water it in… to loose the fungus knats limit or stop watering for a few days and let them run dryer… only sure fire way to get rid of gnats

Yea, I got rid of my fungus gnat issue at least a month ago. Have not seen any gnats for a while. I had them in the 1st couple weeks as I learned to not water so often. But now I have sand about a half inch deep on top of the soil.