Yellowing of buds and leafs

Hi soon after adding flowering additive plant developed yellowing of bud
grow tent
Autopot system and nutrients hydroponic
Gold leaf , super skunk
Temp 76
Humidity 45%
Two 1000w led lights

Sulphur defiency ???
Please help as they have been looking brilliant till this soon after adding bud booster

Looks like light burn. How close to the lights? Do you spray anything on the plants? Could be water on the leaves/buds acting as magnifiers for the light.


Yes very well could be, it’s only on some buds, lights got a little close so I have lifted the lights higher, thanks for the quick reply I hope it’s that simple . And I did spray plants prior to this happening with water. PH 6.8 forgot that earlier.
Thanks again

Plants do not need to sprayed with anything after the seedling stage. Even during the seedling stage a dome can be used to maintain moisture instead of spraying water. Spraying can lead to more problems.


Thanks, I will never spray again after seedling stage, sad to see these girls burn 2 of 4 burned. Do I just leave and let repair self or do I need to do anything else to minimise damage?

Burned leaves are goners but the plant is healthy so I would expect new growth to replace quickly.

What are the LED’s you are using? Burples tend to be false labeled. 1000W could be 135 real Watts.

Thanks heaps.

No problem. You will find a lot of helpful ppl here!

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what is the guaranteed analysis of the fert’s u r using.?
is the damage only at the tops closest to the lights.?
can u post a ‘white light’ pic of the whole plant.?
a series of pics is best, start close then back out snapping pics until the whole plant and pot is in the frame.!

Only damage on top of plant others on same water source are fine nothing lower on damaged plants lights were close and I sprayed with water prior to damage not at home at moment will post some more pics from advice later when back near plants and thanks I thought it may be sulphur as well but it’s only 2 plants that I sprayed others they have same water source not sprayed no damage.

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Trouble loading pics t hope you can see these


Some damage on some lower forming new heads (picked one took pic) 2 plants quite a bit of this 1 other a small amount another nil damage , same water source , ph 6.8 temp about 27c humidity 45% was spraying with h20 lights quite close (moved now)
Sulphur deficiency? If so is
Epsom salts cure? How much ? Using 40 litre autopot system with approx 20 litre left in tank 2x 1000 watt led lights, intake and outtake ventilation n tent.

Also forgot I did empty water from dehumidifiers into damaged plants so more possibilities of burn any other problems using water from dehumidifier? 1st grow in tents not room so finding space a challenge need to organise ropes fans and sundry better so any hacks for tents appreciated

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If you don’t leave it stand it’s great. Basically distilled water.

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Also I didn’t mention growing hydroponically.

that does look like light ‘burn’,
u r on the right track.!

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I find this to be atrocious advice.

Without a regular foliar IPM regimen, you are surely courting disaster. I give (at least) weekly foliar IPM sprays throughout the vegetative stage. With a solid foundation gained through veg, then I can be confident enough to only foliar spray in flowering if absolutely necessary. And so far, it hasn’t been.

That said, I only give foliar sprays (i.e. emulsified neem oil) just before or right at lights out.

This doesn’t even begin to touch on the benefits of other foliar applications (i.e. compost tea, kelp meal tea)


Thank you no need to treat then, that’s great news just lowered pH to 5.8 as recommended for hydro (did not know that) been running at 6.8 as for soil.

Now I’m confused to spray or not to and with what?

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