Yellowing new leaves


Hi just a week before I was going to switch to flowering the new leaves are yellowing
My ph is correct (6, 6.5)and I checked the roots there is no problem there also…
It seems like it is a iron deficiency but I m not sure if it is and why that happened… any idea s ??? And what s the solution…?? Thanks
This is the photos of the plant


Fill out a support ticket ASAP:

Indoor or Outdoor?
Size of space:
Soil or Hydro?
Medium used:
EC/TDS ppm levels:
Humidity %:
Light system/watts?


Real light photo would be nice looks closer to mag deficiency in this light?

metals often look quite similar


5 gallon pot
Ph between 6 and 6.5
Humidity 65 temp 20C
LED 1500W


A better take



What are you feeding the plant? Is that the PH of the water going in, or the runoff coming out?

First thing we need to do is find out what you are feeding it. Second thing we need to do is find out your runoff PH so we can determine if what you are feeding it is being consumed or not.



Here s the nuts I use
I didn t check the ppm
I be been feeding and watering the same for 6 plants simultaneously only the biggest 2 are showing the yellowing



I would be leaning towards a Cal-mag supplement being needed


Not to under mine your call @Donaldj, it’s true that it looks like Magnesium deficiency, however, it’s starting with the new leaves and going downward… Magnesium deficiency appears in the older fan leaves first…

So, it’s most probably zinc or iron deficiency or both if it’s a Phosphorus excess… Phosphorus excess can also lead to Cal/Mag deficiencies… So, it’s my prime suspect, but I may be wrong…

So, a runoff TDS measurement is indicate to rule out the excess of Phosphorus @zebre123123… And for our better understanding of what’s going on, what’s the brand of your soil and do you have soil amendement in it (compost, manure, wood ash , etc…)

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I would say with a 6-6.5 range in ph i woulld recommend a slurry test on soil to check ph
Seems you have multiple nutrients being locked out
Anything below the 6.3 can start to lock out nutrients and soil ph levels may be out of range
A second check of soil ph wouldn’t hurt imo


Hi again
The soil I use contain some nutrients the other plants are growing normally
I ll try to run a tds measurement and keep u guys updated
Thanks in advance


I already watered yesterday with a cal mag solution I ll give them 2 days and run tds


Hi again guys
I checked my soil ph and it seems it s around 6 ( my ph meter is not very precise)
How to increase it to 6,5… should I just water with a higher ph water?? And how high…??


You could do it with different ways…,

Water pH’ed at 6.5 up to 6.8 is one way…,

Using dolomite lime is another, in top soil application, a slower method that give the plant time to adjust it self and minimise the potential pH choc and/or dolomite lime tea, 1 or 2 tbls/gallon, that will act quicker…

Dolomite lime also contain Calcium and Magnesium and it’s a good pH buffer.

Hoping that’s helping you @zebre123123

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